zondag 26 december 2010


In the early 80's a lot was happening outside of the bigger cities in the Netherlands. For example, Steenwijk had great festivals every two months or so and a LOT of bands started all over the country. There will be more on that in future blogs.
Alkmaar had a squat called Parkhof where many punks from that city found shelter and had a place to hang out and do stuff that could not be done elsewhere. Parkhof actually existed untill a few years ago when the city council decided to tear the place down. My friends Eef or Bill can probably tell you a more detailed story about it. Fact is that with the end of Parkhof, the Netherlands (and Alkmaar especially) lost one of it's longest going venues.
In 2005 I went to the annual 'Kerstival', a festival with a bunch of hardcore punkbands. This edition had the reunion of Zmiv and Zweetkutten. Zweetkutten stand for 'Sweaty Cunts' in Dutch and as you can guess that did frownmany eyebrows having that on a shirt or leather jacket back in the days.
Yhe reunion was fun to watch, although the line up was 75% original. Ditte (their singer) still had a voice like an animal and that is a good bridge to the demotape I have uploaded on the blog today.
Back in the eighties we started our tape label 'Er is Hoop' tapes and amongst the releases were three 'Holland Hardcore' compilations. Through tapes, fanzines and live concerts we contacted bands from all over the country and asked them to contribute to the tapes. We also wrote to de Zweetkutten and CKN, both from Alkmaar and both willingly contributed to the compilations. I remember when I first listened to de Zweetkutten, I could not believe they had a female singer, but when I saw them live a few weeks after that I was proven wrong. Musicwise it is raw hardcore punk with a hint of Motorhead (I think). Lyricwise it's in Dutch (except for a cover song) and the topics vary from being in prison to a cover of a Dutch kids program, to beer to nuclear power to celebrating beer (Ik wil Grolsch)to suicide and more. Punk as fuck indeed.
I am not sure if this was released as a demo tape, since I only had these songs on a dubbed copy of a copy. Some ex members might be able to shed some light on that.
If I get some more info, I will put it online

01 intro
02 geen geloof
03 verliefsd
04 opa was een beest
05 heleboel meisjes
06 now I wanna be a good girl (cover of 'now I wanna be a good boy' by the ramones)
07 ik wil grolsch
08 irene
09 kermis
10 patat dubbel met
11 het leven is kut
12 ome willem 1
13 ome willem 2
14 atoomgeweld
15 rot op uit mijn huis
16 verstand op nul
17 zelfmoord
18 oi oi oi
19 polen aan mijn zolen
20 naar de klote
21 motorhoofd (alt version of motörhead by motörhead)
22 fascist
23 wij zijn beesten


Zwaar Klote / Incest split tape

Venlo had quite a lively hardcorepunk scene for a few years. There was a venue that hosted many great bands (Bauplatz) later on a squat that did the same (VHC), a recording studio and some killer bands. The Martinusstraat always hosted many punks from all over the place, when we recorded our first ep , I remember members of Disorder staying there too as well as a bunch of other UK punks. We looked too 'American' for them hahahahahaha.
Zwaar Klote and Incest were two of them, both heavily influenced by the more faster version of hardcore and as you will hear, there is a strong Pandemonium guitar sound present on both recordings. Danny (guitar player for Pandemonium, plays drums in Zwaar Klote. I am pretty sure I have seen them live at least once, during one of the many concerts we played with Lärm down south. Zwaar Klote is not to be mistaken for the 90's band (and they might even still exist) from more or less the same area.
There's some interesting stuff to be found about the Venlo hardcorepunk scene, for example on Mat Aerts website Limbabwe Records . Some of the stuff is written in a bitter way, but that is the way things sometimes go I guess.
Lots of stuff from Venlo has been re-released in the meantime and there is more to come if I am correct. Noise and Distortion from Belgium will do a vinyl version of the Pandemonium demo tape (which can be found elsewhere on this blog)

01 Zwaar Klote - Pigs
02 Zwaar Klote - Mac Donalds
03 Zwaar Klote - Chemical Dead
04 Zwaar Klote - Fascist
05 Incest - Nazi
06 Incest - Censorship
07 Incest - No Time
08 Incest - DSD

Zwaar Klote / Incest split tape

dinsdag 7 december 2010

Arie Houtveen 21-04-1916 / / 08-12-2000

December 8th 2000 is the day my father died at the age of 84. That’s 10 years ago tomorrow. Time flies for sure.
Being the youngest kid of 8 (Yes I was born in a real catholic family) I recall my youth and adolescense as a nice time. Although my parents were pretty old compared to the ones of my friends, they were very liberal and gave me the oppurtunity to express and be myself. We even were allowed to practise at the shed of our house and looking back on that, I admire my parents for that. They really stood out of the majority of the often narrow minded inhabitants of the village I lived in. I could always return to a safe and warm house, that was different for a lot of my friends and therefor they loved to hang out at our place. Everyone was welcome.
My dad really liked to pull pranks and one day I came home and there he was sitting in the living room, dressed in my clothing, his hair died blue (temporary colours though!) and said he was going to replace me in the band. (he often shouted: ‘Fuck the cruise missiles!’ when people asked about the band I was in. He said that basically all of our lyrics were about that kind of stuff, what a guy....)

As a sound file this time, you’ll find the first ‘demo’ by Total Chaoz. That was the band we did after the Disturbers. In this band I switched to bass guitar and Berletta and Dorien took care of the vocals. Paul did some backing vocals and also the song ‘Sick of you’ (dedicated to our former bass player).
At this time we got in touch with a new wave of punks in Amersfoort. There were two other bands (Asperitys and the Puke) and we also started our tape label ‘Er is Hoop’ tapes. The first tape we did was a compilation with the three bands from Amersfoort.

Track list:
01-KZ Syndroom
02-Disco Jugend
03-AMZK (alle ME-ers zijn klootzakken)
04-Nothing for us
05-O Beatrix
06-Religie Waanzin
07-Sick of you
08-Olé lied

vrijdag 26 november 2010

Art Ratz

Thanks to the internet, music is far more easy to get for a lot of people. The rarest records can be found as mp3 on blogs or in P2P programs. That's a good thing as far as I am concerned. It's also possible to get records from all over the world on various auction sites, but most of the time they are being sold for ridiculous amounts of money, but that's the way it is I guess. Sometimes you can get very lucky though and I have been lucky a few times. On a Dutch auction site called Marktplaats I got the Tits ep for 10 euros and also the Art Ratz ep for 7 (without sleeve though).
Anyways, the Art Ratz. I always thought that this band was from Friesland, maybe because they have a newspaper clipping on their record that's from Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland. But they are from Abbenes, in the Leiden/Sassenheim area (I had to google that town!), a very small town I guess. The backsleeve of the cover features a newspaperclipping that says: 'Research proves that disco music turns you into a homo'. Now I understand! hahahahaha.
Paul and Olav picked up this ep when it was released in 1982, probably in some record store in Amsterdam. In good punk spirit, we taped eachother the records we bought and I was hooked on this ep when I first heard it. It was impossible to find a copy for myself though and I gave up looking for it. So you can understand I was pleased to find it for 7 euros, about 25 years later. Olav copied me the sleeve and the record looked brandnew.
Seein Red covers the first song 'Steunzolenboogie' on teh split 10" w/ Mihoen! by the way.
Musicwise this is raw punk, bass dominated and pretty clean guitarsound. Lyrics vary from songs about Dallas, prime ministers and drugs and ofcourse the arch support boogie (the title track).
This one of the more obscure Dutch punk records, I hope you will like it as much as I do. I have included the sleeves in the zip file.
3-twee patat met
7-bij geen gehoor twee keer bellen

Art Ratz

donderdag 25 november 2010

Neo Punkz

It seems as if I have some catching up to do after last summer's hiatus. First off, I'd like to read some comments if possible, I am curious what you think of the music posted. Secondly, I am not sure if there are dead links or not. I am using mediafire now, megaupload seems to cause troubles and/or is not always available. Let me know.
And for now, enjoy the Neo Punkz!

The second vinyl rip on the blog. The Neo Punkz were a young and snotty punkband from Haarlem, close to Amsterdam and home to many great bands back in the days.
This ep was released in 1980 and as far as I can tell it was a self released record (as were many back then) The 5 songs are played in a sloppy style, distorted guitars and snotty vocals. Young, loud and snotty? I think so yes. The cover photo is great, 5 young punks posing as hard as possible, showing off the studded wristbands and so on, days I remember really well. Most punks from our generation have been there and done that. (In fact the follow-up band ‘Suspense’ has a record in which the band members seem to share wristbands and collar belts, I will upload that ep too one day, so you can see for yourself). I believe 500 copies were pressed.
This another one much sought after Dutch punk record, it used to be on display on the Utrecht Record Fare and it costed something close to 500 euros. Last weekend it was not on display any longer, so maybe someone bought it?
Some of my friends from Japan asked me if this ep and the Suspense one will be re-released. Who knows?

01- Fascist fuckers
02- Green devil
03- If I watch the tv
04- Got to go for a piss
05- Kanker

Neo Punkz ep

woensdag 24 november 2010


In the mid-eighties, there were not that many bands from the city of Utrecht. Kikkerspuug might be the most known one and Laitz probably the other one. Through the Holland Hardcore tapes we got in touch wit the guys who played in the Laitz and they (ofcourse) were featured on one of the volumes of Holland Hardcore.
What I remember most from them is that guitarsound made me think of YDI from the usa and listening again to their demo, it still does. They also were quite capable of handling their instruments and that is proven by the sometimes complex song structures. If I am correct we (Lärm) did a couple of gigs together with them and I remember driving back from Belgium, spending the night in some field close to the border. Things you did when you were young eh?
This demo has a really good sound quality and even dual guitar tracks, which was quite unusual for that time. The songs they contributed to the 'On our way to fool's paradise' compilation are even more complex structurewise.
The MMR review of the demo compared them to Die Kreuzen and again, as far as the guitars are concerned, I understand that.
Some of the members went on in the band 'Alp'. Something completely different from Laitz.

01 Noise makes me feel good
02 Blind for reality
03 Punk
04 Zwakken pakken
05 Obey to the misery
06 It's all bullshit
07 New fun cowboy song
08 Gerechtigheid
09 Join the police
10 RAF
11 AIDS team
12 Are we doomed
13 10 seconds

LAITZ - Balance of power demo

maandag 22 november 2010


Rotterdam, the Netherlands hosted the Red Rock Collective, a group of people (mostly art students) who formed a collective which did quite some stuff for the punk scene in Rotterdam (and other parts of the Nethelands too).
Besides hosting 4 bands (Rondos, Tändstickörshöcks, Rode Wig and Sovjets) they did a fanzine (Raket) and a record label as well as political pamflets and so on.
On december 26th 1979 they organised the ‘Rock Against Religion’ Festival at the Kaasee club in Rotterdam. Besides a lot of bands there was also a poet ‘Jules Deelder’who, in true punk tradition got covered in layers of spit, depsite the fact that his poems were really good. Punkrock I guess. The festival was documented by VPRO radio and television and in the two files you’ll find the radio braodcast including some poems by Jules Deelder, songs by Ketchup, The Squats, Jesus and the Gospelfuckers on the first file and almost a full set by NEH. NEH was a band made up of members of the Red Rock collective. In between the bands are interviews with people attending the festival as well as one with Jesus, singer for Jesus and the Gospelfuckers (‘Why are you called Jesus? Well, my father is called God’).
The interviews are all in Dutch and deal with religion and why people attend the festival (for various reasons ofcourse, be it as an anti religious statement, or just for the fun of it, some of the crowd apparently went to church the day before).
Enjoy the festival!
Part 1

Part 2

zondag 21 november 2010


A4 - Aanklacht

This time I am offering you the ‘Aanklacht’ tape by A4 from Amsterdam. Some of you might know them because of their tracks on ‘Als je haar maar goed zit’ volume 1.
A4 formed out of the ashes of the Workmates (a really great band from Amsterdam with dual female/male vocals, they did a live ep and contributed a song to a compilation lp (Hey You)). Two of the members went on in A4, joined by former Ex drummer Geurt and Charlotte Smits on bass.
The music can be described as post-punk, it is not loud and fast, more complex structures and a definate ‘Gang Of Four’ and ‘Joy Division’ feel to it (if I am to judge ofcourse). Stuff I did not like too much back then, since I was more into the faster part of punk, but I started to like it more and more lateron.
Besides this, I do not have too much information on the band itself, so enjoy the tape!

01 who’s to blame
02 repeated action
03 bayer conspiracy
04 victims
05 battlefields
06 corruption
07 sexist army
08 12-10-82

A4 Aanklacht

donderdag 11 november 2010

AGENT ORANGE live @ Paradiso Amsterdam 24-05-1983

AGENT ORANGE went on where Jesus and the Gospelfuckers stopped. They did two 7" records (one on Graaf Hendrick records, run by Henk 'Hoezo Politiek Correct?' Smit. Henk also was the owner of maybe the best record shop Amsterdam ever had. And the other one on the French label 'New Wave). Especially their first ep is really good and one of the best Dutch records from that era if I am to judge.
Lyricwise AGENT ORANGE took it a step further too, songs about herpes, lingerie, feminists etc surely did not go down that well with the feminist crowd, not to mention the fact they had a female singer too. And she was able to raise hell on her own.............. As you may notice there's a buch of Gospelfuckers songs enclosed in their set too, two of them are also recorded on their second ep (dope and kill the police)

Like Jesus and the Gospelfuckers, AGENT ORANGE got banned from various venues too. I remember we travelled a few times to see them, but they never were allowed to play. So I am not 100% sure if I have seen them or not.
This is a live set recorded at Paradiso in Amsterdam, the venue where most bigger punk bands played as well as special Dutch punk nights. Soon the squats and youth centers took over the function of gig places and for the better too.
The tracklist:
01-fucking up the dogs
09-kill the police
10-your mother sucks cocks in hell
12-genocide express
14-lingerie (encore)
15-herpes (encore)

live @ Paradiso Amsterdam


The Stokvishal in Arnhem was not always the best venue to attend punk gigs. I remember the one where Exploited played in particular. Lots of nazi skins and idiot punks and then also a band that encouraged violence amongst the audience as well, a great night (not). We were supposed to go and see Angelic Upstarts and Cockney Rejects there too, they cancelled and I think we should be happy for that, because that for sure would have been a fiesta for the nazis.
One time Paul and myself went to see a couple of bands in small city close to Arnhem and we had to run like hell for the nazi skins and nazi punks attending that gig.
Anyways, the Dead Kennedys played Amsterdam and were supported by an unknown band called ‘Millions Of Dead Cops’. They blew Dead Kennedys off the stage and luckily they stayed in Europe a bit longer to do some more gigs. One of them was at a festival in Arnhem where Jesus and the Gospelfuckers also played. That was an afternoon/evening of mayhem for sure and I recall the singer and bass player for the Gospelfuckers negociating who was going to beat up one of the assholes in the crowd. They played brilliant, it was one of their best gigs (according to Henk Smit) and if I am correct, MDC even mentions this particular gig in a tour report.
Quality of this set is pretty good too, enjoy it!
(photo from nederpunk.nl)

Jesus and the Gospelfuckers live @ Stokvishal Arnhem, The Netherlands


Die (German for 'the')Kripos were a band from Arnhem, a small city in the east of the Netherlands, close to the German border. The most well known 80’s band from that city is probably Neuroot.
There was quite a large punkscene in Arnhem and most activities took place in a venue called ‘Stokvishal’. I have seen quite some bands overthere together with Paul and Olav and other punks from our area. One time we went to see the UK SUBS overthere and this was when they had just released their Crash Course lp. A mindblowing gig it was, we pogo-ed from the start till the end of the gig and decided we would go see them in Amsterdam again.
At that gig, Die Kripos were the support band. Apparently most punks came to see the UK SUBS, because they ddi not really get a lot of response and/our positive support. I remember that their singer wanted to make an impressive entrance on stage, but nearly tripped....
They recorded one ep, with two songs: Canera Security and Action Girl. A lot of their ep’s wee sold without the cover, my copy doesn’t have one either. It is an ok ep, not really a milestone. Their demo though has better songs and you can understand better why the UK SUBS were a big influence on them. You’ll also find a live set with a really long intro.


live set

woensdag 11 augustus 2010


Holidays seemed to be the best time to upload a lot of stuff. Well, I did not do that because I did not feel like spending a lot of time inside this summer. So after a big break, here’s another blog.

In 1980/1981, Paul, Olav, Alex and myself travelled a lot to see punk bands play. Utrecht was a city that we visited often and sometimes more obscure places like Nunspeet and Ermelo. Amsterdam was a city that offered a lot of gigs for punk bands, international and national ones. Sometimes these gigs were organised in odd places and I remember a sunday afternoon when the 4 of us went to a part of Amsterdam called ‘De Bijlmer’. In this area of Amsterdam most of the inhabitants had their roots in Suriname and not many other people wanted to live there for either that reason or another. It was also considered a not so safe neighborhood, at least that’s what people from our area said. That particular sunday afternoon, there was a festival in a Parking Space underneath a small shopping mall if I am correct. The bands that I remember playing were The Ex, Nitwitz, World War Rockers and Bizkids. There were more bands playing but I forgot their names. The Ex just released their first ep as did The Nitwitz, so we knew those bands already. The World War Rockers were quite a raw band (listening to their recordings lateron I still wonder wether my ears were damaged at that time or not) and The Bizkids. The singer for the Nitwitz kept talking about disco fighting gangs in between the songs, so we were getting scared a bit, but nothin happened.
The Bizkids (note: not the Bizon Kidz!!) were one of the many band that were fronted by a female vocalist. They certainly fitted more in the melodic part of punk and were really enjoyable. There is not much information I can give you besides the fact that they contributed 2 songs to the Parkhof compilation lp and did a tv session for the VARA (labour television network).(I corrected this part, because the Bizkids drummer left a comment that it was a tv session, not a radio one)
In the file attached, you’ll find the two songs from that compilation as well as the radio session.
They are also featured on the dvd that was put out by Geurt, former drummer of The Ex. A small preview can be found on the following website: ALS JE HAAR MAAR GOED ZAT
I think the dvd itself is sold out.

01 OPB (Live @ Parkhof, Alkmaar)
02 VIPS (Live @ Parkhof, Alkmaar)
03 SECRET (Live @ VARA tv)
04 VIPS (Live @ VARA tv)
06 ADVERTISE (Live @ VARA tv)
07 CAPTIVITY (Live @ VARA tv)
08 SHOOT (Live @ VARA tv)


maandag 10 mei 2010

Punk live in Brouwershoek

Last weekend we went to Leeuwarden for a couple of days. Gerard had never been there before and I have only been there for work purposes. On the internet I found a recordstore called ‘King Kong Records’. A great store indeed and amongst other records, I found a good copy of the ‘One Way, Subway!’ 12”. The owner told me that the guy who released that record had a cd/dvd shop across the street and he might even sell some vinyl too. Ofcourse we went over to that store and I asked the owner if he was responsible for releasing the Subway 12”. He said he was and immediately grabbed a brandnew copy of the compilation lp ‘Punk, Live in Brouwershoeck’. Stupidly enough I asked him if he had any idea how much that record would be worth nowadays. He immediately took away the copy and there was no further discussion possible, I was marked as someone who made money by selling punk records.
Anyaways, it was rather interesting to talk to him about the early days of Dutch punk. He had stories about the Speedtwins, Panic and more early Dutch punk bands. He also explained why the label 1000 idioten is called 1000 idioten (1000 idiots). The guy who owned that label thought that would be 1000 idiots stupid enough to buy his releases.
According to the owner (Wobbe) he had 12.000 records stored in boxes in the back of his shop, but he could not be bothered to unpack them. Semi not caring, he then grabbed a Beatles record from one of the shelves behind the counter and showed it to me. Apparently it was reeleased on a very obscure label in the 60’s in the USA when no one overthere cared about the Beatles. He also mentioned that he had the original golden record for Never Mind The Bollocks and tod us about the Speedtwins/Sex Pistols gig in Leeuwarden. ( I am not even sure if they ever played there).
2 days later we were at another record store in Leeuwarden and that owner told us not to take all of Wobbe’s stories that seriously. It seemed that he always showed the same records to customers and tells the same stories. I hope he will reply to the email I just sent him and that he gets me a yellow vinyl copy of the Speedtwins lp.
The Live in Brouwershoek is a rather weird compilation, there have been other blogs about it already, for instance on 1000 aspirines and there’s wuite some information (in Dutch) on the site of the Frisian Pop Foundation. The picture is taken from the 1000 apspirines blog too, my copy is a coloured one, or is the photo just in black and white?
A1 chops - wodka
A2 chops - the world we live in
A3 chops - doomed to masturbate
A4 murder inc - why
A5 malicious damage - dope ain't anything for me
A6 malicious damage - viva fryslan
A7 spoiled sperm - i'm bored
A8 spoiled sperm - no way out
A9 the t-shirts - go away
A10 pin baskets - does it matter
A11 pin baskets - hate and fear
A12 mortal remains – secluded
B1 captain sensible - children of the damned
B2 captain sensible - jet boy, jet girl
B3 the outtakes - when you're young
B4 the outtakes - working for the yankee dollar
B5 the outtakes - money
B6 the outtakes - cars
B7 the outtakes - are friends electric


woensdag 5 mei 2010

The Squats - Demo

The Squats were a punkband from Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands. They produced the ‘Chaos in Nijmegen’ ep, which is a very valuable collectors item nowadays and also a demo. I am putting that demo up for download. Recorded in 1980, they deliver 17 songs, includinga cover of Sham 69 and one of The Cockney Rejects. That should give you a clue on their biggest influences, indeed UK (oi!) punk.
Their reputation was not that good, they call themselves ‘obnoxious’ on their own website and I guess that is pretty accurate indeed. Their following was rather dodgy at times as well, punks and skins from the Arnhem/Nijmegen area were not very nice most of the times (not trying to generalize here) and I personally had a ‘nice’ encounter with some skins at a Neo Pogo’s gig in that area. Paul and myself have never ever runned faster than that evening.
Back to the band, they existed from 1979 till 1982 and,as many other punk bands, they consisted of bored teenagers, dropped out of school or unemployed, too much time on their hands and too much boredom as well.
Long after they had split up, I remember their singer coming up to us at a Lärm gig and accusing us of destroying all what punk was about, simply because we were Straight Edge and dressed in a different way than a lot of other punks at that time (In your non conformity you are so fucking conform!). Well, shit happens eh?
Their demo was self released on their own ‘Nep en Bedrog’ label. Enjoy it!
Photo taken from the official Squats website, where you can download their ep as well as a live set. Squats website
1: Stupid students
2: I'm on the dole
3: Disco victims
4: Stress
5: Land of hope and glory
6: Pistols swindle
7: Don't listen to the fascists
8: Holidays in spain
9: We hate school
10: They don't understand
11: Nijmegen city
12: Doomed generation
13: Kotsen na het zuipen
14: Military insanity
15: Fuck the queen
16: Hippies are through in '82
17: Greatest cockney rip off

Squats demo

donderdag 29 april 2010

APRIL 30 1980

On April 30, people in the Netherlands celebrate the queens birthday.
April 30th 1980 was the day Beatrix got installed as queen of the Netherlands. The squatting movement was at it’s peak and there was a call for revolt. No Housing-No Crowning was the slogan at that time and people from all over the Netherlands were urged to come over to Amsterdam to protest and riot. Protest against the waste of money spilled on this installment while there was housing shortage going on.
And a riot it turned out to be indeed. I was at home and saw the live footage on television, if I remember right, it was planned to go to Amsterdam later that day, because there was a punk festival planned somewhere. I never made it there.
Lots of punk bands were inspired to write songs about squatting, rioting, the royal family and police in general. In the download link you’ll find a compilation dedicated to april 30th 1980.

01 Bizon Kidz – Beatrix
02 Idijotz – Police Dept
03 Megafoons – Nix geen Trix
04 Nitwitz – He was ok
05 Vacuum – Rel
06 Infexion – Dumb Dumb Cop
07 De Straks – Koningin
08 Lärm - Oh Beatrix
09 Riot – Riot Punx
10 Laitz – Join the Police
11 Neo Pogos – Beatrix
12 Nixe – I Love The Cops
13 Scoundrels – Fuck The Queen
14 Bloedbad – Oranje Boven
15 BVD – Look Out The Cops
16 The Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate
17 Jesus and the Gospelfuckers – Kill The Police
18 Lullabies – Cops In The Street
19 Lullabies – I Hate Cops
20 Mets – I Hate Bloody Coppers
21 Neuroot – Police Provocation
22 Rapers – Police Is Rotten
23 Squits – Cops In The Street
24 The Ex – Squatsong
25 The Squats – Fuck The Queen

APRIL 30 1980

vrijdag 23 april 2010

The Filth - demos

Thanks to Jeroen Vedder [Co-author of ‘Het gejuich was massaal’] I am able to present you some demo recordings by The Filth, a punk band hailing from Amsterdam. They released one of the best early Dutch punk records, the ‘Don’t hide your hate’ ep. Yet again a very much sought after Dutch punk record.
These demo recordings vary in quality, 19 songs in total, some doubles [including the hits].
The Filth sort of re-grouped if I am right, at least they re-recorded some stuff that was available for download a while back. Those recordings were very weak compared to the raw recordings of their ep, opinions may differ though. They have their own website and myspace, where you can listen to some ‘previews’ of re-recorded stuff. The website also has information on how the band started and how they developed.

No track list for the demo this time, sorry.
The Filth - 19 demo tracks

maandag 5 april 2010


In a series of 4, here's the first part: live in No Name, Amsterdam 1979. Only 3 songs unfortunately, the quality is pretty good. When the singer introduces the band, you hear a girl shouting: 'Yeah we already know who you are'! So it's obvious that 'shut up and play' already existed in 1979......

1-Jesus is the Drug
3-I Hate School

Jesus And The Gospelfuckers live @ No Name, Amsterdam 1979

woensdag 31 maart 2010


Being punks from a smaller city, we were used to people frowning their eyebrows as we passed by in our studded jackets and spiked hair. For Amersfoort standards we surely were hardcore punks and in the small town where I lived, we even got chased out of town when Paul and Olav first came to visit. The idiots were well shocked when it turned out we had pipes etc. as a defence, that learned the fuckers a lesson for sure!
Every now and then we took the train to Amsterdam to buy records, pins, studs, wristbands, belts, etc. etc. All to complete our punk looks.
One of the places that sold this kind of stuff was the Waterloo square flea market. One particular day we were walking on that market when we came across a small group of punks, leather jackets, homemade anti-John Travolta shirts, looking mean and dirty. In a sneering way they asked us if we were ‘real punks’ and then bursted out in laughing. We felt as if someone just poured ice cold water over us and did not say anything at all. A year later [or maybe a bit more] I saw one of them sitting in the local record store in Amersfoort. It turned out to be Tos, who played second guitar on the famous demo. He worked in the Amersfoort post office. Tos is a great guy, not like the mean punk he used to be any longer and right now he sometimes joins SUNN O))) on keyboards.
Back to these recordings, I got them from Kees Smit, webmaster of nederpunk.punt.nl which seems to be the gathering place for old Dutch punks and yes, quite a few are even older than I am hahahahaha.
These 10 songs were recorded in the practice space in Haarlem. Right now I have no song titles, maybe they will follow later.
This is far more punkrock than their later stuff. I will post more on the Gospelfuckers some other time, I have 3-4 pretty good live sets by them and ofcourse more stories.
Image taken from nederpunk.punt.nl

dinsdag 30 maart 2010


When The Sextons came to an end, Paul, Olav and myself wanted to continue in a band. Around that time two friends of mine from Achterveld [Dorien and Berletta] became interested in punk as well and wanted to sing in a band. We got to know two guys from Barneveld, named Patrick and Dick. Dick happened to have a bass guitar and Patrick a guitar as well as an amp. The 7 of us started a band called ‘Razzias’ and started to rehearse at my parents barn. This band never really produce anything and at a certain point Patrick got fed up with it and left us.
The remaining 6 started a band called ‘Disturbers’ and this was a bit more serious. We recorded a tape at the practise space and were even meant to do a gig in a squat in Hilversum. This never happened due to the fact that the squat was under attack of the local ‘Disco Jugend’, at least, that is what they told us.
The line up for the Disturbers is as follows:
Olav / Drums, Paul / Guitar, Dick / Bass, Dorien / Vocals, Berletta / Vocals, Jos / Vocals [and bass on Disco Jugend].
For some reason Dick did not like me that much and it appeared that he tried to convince Paul and Olav to kick me out of the band. I found out about this when we attended a NIXE gig and Dick was not there.
End result was that he was kicked out and that was the end of the Disturbers, but not the end of us being in a band together!
To be continued!
01-KZ Syndroom
02-Disco is a Ghetto
03-Anti Nazi
05-Dead Soldiers
06-De Burgerij
07-Religion Sucks
08-Disco Jugend
09-AMZK [Alle ME-ers Zijn Klootzakken]
10-Religie Waanzin


maandag 29 maart 2010


Unfortunately there’s not that much I can tell you about this band except for the fact I found these recordings [labeled as a demo] on a very old tape that was in one of the boxes in our ‘rubbish room’. They hailed from Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands where not that much seemed to happen back in the eighties. Ofcourse Maastricht had ‘Mort Subite’ [anyone who has their split ep for sale, send me an email please!] in the late seventies and in the nineties, Maastricht had the M-Town Rebels, responsible for the whole Eurocore thing.
I met the drummer for Black Vampire a while back in Amsterdam, he was quite surprised people knew about that band.
Apparently they reformed [without him] and I discovered a myspace site which has the following biography:
Welcome to the dark world of Black Vampire, a speedpunkband that was formed in the early eighties. With the intension to kick some ass and play music that sound loud as fuck, bass player Elvis and singer/guitarist Billy started meeting each other more and more to play their brains out and give the local scene what it was looking for. Although their sound was very raw, Black Vampire soon started to get the attention of a small group of believers. The crowd seems to like it because they finally found a way to express their feelings and share their opinion. Billy & Elvis also felt good about it; playing for a free beer or two and a rush of adrenaline seemed to be the ideal way to spend their time. The band appeared on a few compilation-tapes and managed to write a number of songs that was best discribed as a brutal mix of complaints about personal struggles and the heaviest and fastest guitar riffs you had ever heard. The word spread fast and Black Vampire slowly started to become a well known punk-machine within the local scene. After a few line-up changes with several drummers who couldn't manage to play in such a fast speed, the band decided to shut down their engines. A few years would pass... Just before the end of the century the two original members decided to pick up their guitars again. After several rehearsals they soon discovered that they still got the same vibe and after a short quest for a new drummer they teamed up with Mark ( ex Sons Of The Rain). This guy already earned his credits in his previous bands and seemed to be the perfect guy to fill in the empty spot. What never seemed to work in the past finally did; a fanatic drummer that could keep up with the enormous speed had finally joined the band. In this brand new line-up the band recorded their first demo-disc ever which was titled 'Fuck' and woke the whole dying punk-breed in the near surroundings. Punk was back in town! The band started touring again and today they've already played a lot of gigs, for example with punk heroes Total Chaos and a lot of local punk and hardcore bands. Need I say more? In the beginning of October their first full-length cd 'Fastfood for the Undead' hit the steets. The album is a mix off all kinds of musical styles. Speedpunk will meet oi-punk in a metallic kind of way. You will be amazed how fast you'll be fucked this time.... 2003 by Wicked Leon.

Luckily they did a killer demo tape in the eighties, I find it hard to take a band seriously that does a hardcore version of Lionel Ritchie’s ‘Hello’.

And the image is not the band, but just a photo of some random punks!


zaterdag 27 maart 2010


Pandemonium is one of the best hardcore bands from the Netherlands ever. Maybe even one of the world’s best.
They managed to combine politics with sarcasm and some kick ass music. Three things that sum up hardcore for me.
I have ripped their second output: the ‘Pandemonium Affaire’ tape. 19 tracks in total.
First time I saw them live was at ‘Wijers Squat’ where they opened for MDC when they toured for the second time. The members of Pandemonium did not look like the average punk at that time, no leather jackets full of studs and band names and no spikey hair either. They could have been MDC’s younger brothers.
They blew a lot of people away that evening and it was the first of many other times I saw them and we played a few times together as well. Lärm even was a back up choir during the gig that was recorded for the ‘Are you the one...’ tape.
They are responsible for the hardcore anthem: ‘Wir fahren gegen Nazi’s’ which was accurate at the time it was written and it still is. Pandemonium for sure was one of the more intelligent bands at that time. Quite a lot of their songs are written in German, I think that’s because they live really close to the German border.
After this tape they recorded various records which are sought after as originals, but some of them have been re-released on vinyl by Noise and Distortion records and a cd discography [including live video] has been released on Coalition records.
I met Peter [singer] last year in Venlo when we played there with Seein Red. It was nice to meet him again, he still is the clever guy he used to be, well spoken and never a loud mouth. He does poetry now, has written books and just released his first spoken word cd. His website is: http://www.obras-del-alma.com/ there’s also a link to Pandemonium there, with a bio and discography. The photo I used is from that site too, taken at a squat in Andoain, Basque Country, where they played the night before Lärm did. A few of us are in the crowd.

Enjoy the tape


Back in the days I remember that I was not really into this band. I’ve been trying to recall the reason why, but that is not an easy task. Maybe it was because they suffered from the ‘Amsterdam attitude’ at the time, which meant being rather arrogant to others who were not from that city. Who knows?
Fact is that they accused Lärm for ‘spoiling the market’[as if there ever was a market for hardcore punk at that time hahahaha]. Just because we played for expenses only and they asked more than that, venues asked us to play more often I guess.
Let’s bury the past and focus on their demo tape ‘6 met’.
It contains 6 songs, recorded at the Oktopus studio in Amsterdam and this was their second line up. These 6 songs are really good ones, lyrics in Dutch and they have stand the test of time for sure. Though the ‘Sesame Street’ song is pretty lame lyricwise.
This tape got re-issued on a digital downloadable album that contains this tape, compilation tracks and unreleased live stuff. The same goes for their lp ‘Veel, vet, goor en duur’. Both availble from www.fritesmodern.com
In the zip file, I have enclosed the booklet and the cover as well.


zaterdag 6 maart 2010


From Utrecht, I’d like to present you RAKKETAX, one of the earlier punkbands from that city. The first line up of Rakketax included a female vocalist called Fredje, this line up contributed a song to the legendary ‘Utreg Punx’ ep. That song is called ‘Van Agt’ and is about the at that time prime minister of the Netherlands. This line up also recorded a radio live session which you can find in the download below. I have made a zip file with almost all of their recordings.
After Fredje left the band, Rakketax continued as a 3 piece band and were one of the more melodic bands in that time. During the live gigs they swapped instuments as well, at least the bass player and drummer did as far as I can recall. In this line up they recorded the 6 track s/t ep and lateron also 3 songs for the first volume of ‘Als je haar maar goed zit’.
I have only seen Rakketax in the second line up a few times and I remember that some considered them as being too elitist or something like that. Their lyrics went beyond the ‘fuck the police and system’ content, so maybe that was one of the reasons why they were not considered punk enough maybe? Who knows.
The Lullabies mention them in a song [Fashion Punx], ‘with equipment we’re good enough, but without we can fuck off’.......
I guess it was like that in alot of cities [see my piece on Jetset in the previous blog] where there was rivalry between various groups of punks.
Anyways, I have always enjoyed Rakketax a lot and it is one of the bands whose music certainly has stand the test of time. In the folder are the recordings for the Utreg Punx ep, Parkhof compilation lp, s/t ep and ‘Als je haar maar goed zit volume 1’. Besides that, there’s a radio session, two studio recordings and some live stuff.
It is about time for a full discography on vinyl I would say.
01-Rats [live VPRO radio]
02-Wickie [live VPRO radio]
03-Summer [live VPRO radio]
04-Tros [live VPRO radio]
05-What’s for dinner? [live VPRO radio]
06-Weekend Punks [live Utrecht]
07-Rats [live in Utrecht]
08-Rats [studio version]
09-van Agt [Utreg Punx ep]
10-What’s for dinner? [studio version]
11-Occasion [s/t ep]
12-Unifil [s/t ep]
13-Status [s/t ep]
14-Harpoon [s/t ep]
15-Labour [s/t ep]
16-Decadence Floor [s/t ep]
17-Unifil [live]
18-Decadence Floor [live]
19- ?? [live]
20-Desert [Als je haar maar goed zit #1]
21-Vacuum [Als je haar maar goed zit #1]
22-Television Games [Als je haar maar goed zit #1]
23-Rich Punks On Dope [Parkhof 11-4-81 lp]
24-Work To Live [Parkhof 11-4-81 lp]

RAKKETAX discography

zondag 28 februari 2010


In the early 80’s there were so many good bands around that did not hail from Amsterdam. To be honest, most of the better bands from that era came from outside of Amsterdam [ofcourse there were exceptions]. Anyways, Groningen is all the way up north in the Netherlands and in the 80’s they had a very thriving punkscene there that was closely connected to the local squat scene. The WNC [Wolters Noordhoff Complex] was known globally and was a great place where loads of activities took place, not just punkconcerts.In this blog I am presenting you a split tape from JETSET and BLOEDBAD. Jetset was a band that was from Haren, a suburb of Groningen and basically a rich suburb of Groningen. So in fact the bandname was quite accurate to a lot of hardcore punks. JETSET was a band that produced loud, short songs, but also very musically and the lyrics were very well written and completely in Dutch. They got quite some flak for being to intellectual, but they were one of the very few bands that dared to be critical of the punkscene at that time. I am still hoping that one day all of their recordings will be released as a discography lp. It is great stuff.Jetset was member of the Roodwitzwart (RedWhiteBlack) collective, including bands Massagraf, Bloedbad, Vacuüm.BLOEDBAD was a relatively young band and specialized in simple short attacks of hardcore punk. In one of the later line-ups was Michael [Bacteria] who still plays in Shikari. I do not know that much about this band besides their releases and the one time I have seen them live [which was great by the way] and I really love the band name [BLOEDBAD meands Bloodbath]. Enjoy the tape!
01-Teken dit papier
02-1984 Herzien
04-Tart de staat
05-De Vlucht
06-Lieve kindertjes
10-Neo Verzet
12-De Boodschap
14-De Verademing
01-Jan Thys
08-Last Final Bloedbad
09-Oranje Boven
13-Bier en Leut
16-Anti Nazi

Jetset / Bloedbad

donderdag 25 februari 2010


Pistache B.V. was a band that was around in the beginning of the 80’s. They have released a split tape with Eton Crop [who later turned into an Indie rock band] as well as 3 tracks on the ‘Als je haar maar goed zit’ volume 1.
They played melodic punkrock with Dutch lyrics and those lyrics were good ones and very well written too. I am not sure how long they have been around for.
Some of them started a youth centre called ‘Babylon’ in Woerden in the neighborhood of Utrecht. We’ve travelled quite often there to see many bands play [Pistache BV being one of them] and I remember we always had to run for the last train. Yes, we were punkrockers that did not really enjoy a night on the street or railway station.
The tracks below are the Pistache BV ones, I did not really enjoy Eton Crop that much to be honest.
The singer for Pistache BV was the singer for De Kift on their first two records. The other band members never did anything noticable bandwise lateron. I am told that one of the band members is a reporter for a big newspaper nowadays. Our band Seein Red covered ‘Nekschot’ on our 20 years anniversary ep [available from way back when records].
Pistache BV also appeared on the ‘Als je haar maar goed zat’ DVD compilation, that featured various punk bands recorded live at the Oktopus in Amsterdam. I think the dvd is sold out by now, but you can download some clips at als je haar maar goed zat

01- Den Haag Vandaag
02- Nekschot
03 – P.S.P.
04 – S.S.T.
05 – Koos H.
06 – Zebra 3
07 – Patat en Voetbal
08 – Hi, Ha, Hondelul
09 – S.T.E.R.
10 – Je Maintiendrai
11 – T.V. Privé


dinsdag 23 februari 2010

KOTX a chant of chaos

KOTX hailed from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They were more of a Chaos punk band in contrary to for example the Rondos. As far as I am aware, there's only one song recorded by them and that is released on the 'Rotterdam Spunk' compilation.
We saw them perform live once at the 'Rotterdam New Pop' festival, where they were accompanied by the J. Dops band [I believe they shared members], the Neo Pogo's and Debiele Eenheid. This was an open air festival and as soon as we left the subway, we were greeted by skinheads. Later on, there was a big fight between punks and skins which was ended by the Riot Squad. At that time there was quite some rivalry between some punks from various cities. On the way back when the train stopped at Utrecht Central Station, some punks from Arnhem settled the score with some punks from Utrecht. Passers by could not believe their eyes when they saw punks fighting punks....
Anyways, I found this footage a while back on the internet and it is a couple of songs by KOTX and then there's a reggae band. This was long before Poison Idea wrote their song 'Reggae...I hate' and boy were they right.
If anyone has more KOTX stuff available, let me know.

Kotx @ Kaasee, Rotterdam from Distortion to Deafness on Vimeo.

zondag 21 februari 2010


Revo was a band from Rotterdam and they were a really young band. I guess the average age was maybe 15? Not sure. These three track are from a compilation called ‘Rotterdam collection’, which also includes Tandstickörshocks and the Rondos. Most of the other bands have nothing to do with punk at all.These three songs are very basic, 3 chord punk [ the way I like it!] and the lyrics have a typical ‘fuck you’ approach. But that was what punk was and is about right?They performed live at the ´Rock Against Religion´ festival in Rotterdam which took place on Boxing day, or as we call it overhere, 2nd Christmas day. Parts of this festival were broadcasted on Dutch tv and I have some of that on tape, that will follow later.

1 Fuck the schools
2 Geloof in god, geloof in fascisme [Believe in god, believe in fascism]
3 Blah blah blah


zondag 7 februari 2010

The Rapers - demo

Amsterdam had Jesus and the Gospelfuckers, Utrecht had Noxious and The Rapers......Big fans of local football club FC Utrecht, these guys represented the more obnoxious part of the Utreg Punx scene. We went to see them once and when we entered the venue, one of them immediately came up to me and asked me if I was from Amsterdam [due to the fact I had ‘Nitwitz’ on the back of my leather jacket]. When I responded: ‘No I am from Amersfoort’ he told me it was o.k. because he hated Ajax and people from Amsterdam in general, but Amersfoort was good, after all we used to have a premium league football team too..... I also got lot of questions for wearing a ‘Rapers’ pin lateron, they were not the most loved band in Utrecht I guess. They did an ep which has the worst sound quality ever but they also recorded 4 song for the ‘7,50’ compilation album and they are recorded well and are also really good songs,I got this demo through Jeroen Vedder [known for the book ‘Het gejuich was massaal’], it was part of the treasure bag I picked up yesterday.These seven songs are recorded much better than the ep and some of them are unreleased. This must have been recorded in 1980 or so.Enjoy the tracks!

2-anti christ
3-disco is dood
4-fascist cops
5-vonhoff is rot
6-i hate you
8-rules are for fools

Rapers demo

donderdag 4 februari 2010


Back in 1979 I had a friend called Alex, the two of us were the only punks in our small village and we went to Amersfoort quite often to go to the record stores there. The city was covered with punk graffitti so we imagined there were loads of punks there. We never saw that many on the streets, but began to reply the ‘Punx ‘79’ graffitti, so the first contact was made. In early 1980 we met Paul and Olav and to cut a long story short, we started our own band.
We practised in Alex’s bedroom. Guitar, bass and vocals were all through the bass amp [Alex had a rich aunt who gave him quite some money] and as drums we used a chair. The very first time we practised, we recorded the songs. 3 of them are ‘covers’, which means, we used the lyrics from other songs [Menten by The Vopos and Do you wanna dance?/It’s a long way back to Germany by the Ramones]. The other one is the very first song we ever did and is called ‘Victim’. This song can also be found on the Lärm discography cd on Coalition. Lateron we recorded another 20-25 songs but none of us owns that tape anymore. We did one gig, we played together with the Bizon Kidz from Utrecht. Soon after that Alex got more and more interested in the drug punks so that was more or less the end of the band. Paul, Olav and myself continued, but I will save that story for later. Sextons line up was: Alex - bass, Paul - guitar, Olav - drums, Jos - vocals.

1. Menten
2. Victim
3. Do you wanna dance?
4. It's a long way back to Germany

SEXTONS 4 tracks

maandag 1 februari 2010

Mornington Crescent - cassette

"Faster than the Dickies, cheaper than Albert Heyn, more shocking than Dallas"

Named after a London tube station, Mornington Crescent hailed from Amsterdam. Most people will know them because of their ‘Greetings from Amsterdam’ ep, which is a killer record and highly collectable like many other Dutch stuff from the eighties.This tape is different from the ep, two singers and a much more punk approach than the ep has. They mix english with dutch lyrics on this tape, but I can’t find the booklet anymore, so there’s not much to say about the lyrics, sorry.
I might even prefer the tape over the ep to be honest, especially after listening to it for a couple of times in the past week. I swear that the song ‘Healthfood’ had the chords from Sweet’s ‘Blockbuster’ as an intro, and the song ‘Anti-Pasti’ starts off very similar to Anti-Pasti’s ‘No Government’. But hey, name me one punk band that did not borrow chords from other songs!Their discography is as follows:

- cassette
- greetings from Amsterdam ep
- one track on the Chainsaw flexi [possession, taken off their ep]

Gummo Punx records from Amsterdam has released Mornington Crescents discography a while back and it is well worth tracking down. Including the tape and the ep as well as the ep in a different mix. Tracklist:
1. Wals
2. Government’s planning
3. Healthfood
4. I’m so happy
5. Deze niet
6. The bomb
7. Break
8. Anti-Pasti
9. I [It’s me]
10. Filth
11. Handen wassen

Mornington Crescent tape Mornington Crescent tape booklet

woensdag 27 januari 2010


It might see as if I am skipping quite some years in this blog, but this tape is ripped on request.
This is a split tape released in the late 80’s.Winterswijx Chaos Front was recorded live @ De Buze in Steenwijk, The Netherlands. This venue use to be one of the hardcore centers in Holland, well known for it’s festivals where the ‘crême de la crême’ of the Dutch hardcore bands used to play. I have attended many of them as guest, but also as band member. Lärm used to play at a lot of these festivals. Back to WCF now, they did one ep with 6 tracks which was recently re-released by ‘Noise and Distortion’ from Belgium. We used to play together with them a lot and I still have fond memories of those gigs. Often they were a lot of fun and sometimes very scary, for example when we played Emmen together and the local bikergang paid a visit to the venue whilst WCF were playing and the singer got beat up quite bad. I run into the singer every now and then nowadays, too bad he ended up as a junk, he was using loads of drugs when he was in the band, but things went downhill fast after they split up. There’s some liner notes on the re-release by Ronald, the guitar player and I believe he is the only one active in a band still. These recordings are not their best, I will upload one or two other live sets sometime soon which capture them better, fast, raw and with good speeches by the singer.I do not know a lot about MAD RATS. I think they hail from the Venlo area, but call themselves HAR D.C. ORE as you can see on the tape cover and their logo is obviously a Minor Threat rip-off. This was recorded in another legendary venue called ‘Chi Chi Club’ in Winterswijk, close to the German border. That’s the venue where I dropped the edge, in case that might interest you. WCF is to be continued........

Winterswijx Chaos Front side Mad Rats side

zaterdag 23 januari 2010


Apparently Google approved my blog, because the warning is gone, nice.........
So what's to expect in the coming weeks? I am ripping tapes to mp3 from the following bands:
-Winterswijx Chaos Front
-Hollands Glorie
-Rock Against Religion festival
-Jesus and the Gospelfuckers live recordings
-Jetset tapes
-Black Vampire demo
-various compilation tapes
-A4 demo
-NRA demo [not the NRA from Amsterdam!]
-and plenty more
I have a large archive of bands recorded live at the squats we used to have overhere and ofcourse the demos of the bands i used to be in, stay tuned.
In the meantime, enjoy BVD......... [Photo from the book 'Het gejuich was massaal']

Like I said in the Art In Revolution post, Dutch radio station VPRO did transmit some good live stuff in the early eighties. In one of the tape boxes I discovered the radio/live set done by a band called BVD [this stands for Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst, BVD=CIA]. BVD hailed from the Hague and released one 7" ep called 'Country of Liberty' That ep contains 5 songs and two of these are included on this live set. It contains 7 songs and quality is pretty good. Members of BVD started the band 'Hollands Glorie' after they broke up. Like many bands in that time, they were pretty shortlived. If people want to, I can upload the ep some other time, just let me know.
I have not tracklist to this set except for 4 songs:
1-White Power
2-Fong Leng [I am not 100% sure this is the title]
3-Take it by force

BVD live on VPRO radio

maandag 18 januari 2010

Art In Revolution

In the early 80's the Rondos inspired many [young] punks to start their own band. Art In Revolution was one of them. They were from Voorburg, close to The Hague in the Netherlands. The average age of the band members was 15 and all of them were still at school. These recordings were done by a Dutch radio station 'VPRO' who did broadcast a lot of punk on their friday evening show as well as on TV on sundays. Art In Revolution never released a demo or a record. There are some live recordings though and this session especially is really good. I remember being at home on this friday evening, the cassette deck ready to record and I was simply blown away by this band. I only read about them in the fanzine 'Raket', which was compiled by members of the Red Rock Collective [Rondos were part of that as well]. After their live set was over, I took my white marker and tagged my leather jacket with the band name. Instant fan? Yes! Unfortunately I never got to see them live, but this tape has been treasured for sure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do.

1-I saw the hippies in Auschwitz
2-Sid Vicious R.I.P.
4-Knock / Product of the system
5-London's buying your crap
6-Punk on the radio
7-Chemical Warfare
8-Art in Revolution
9-Interview [in Dutch]

Art In Revolution live in Delft

here's an addition that was sent to me by the singer Tony, thanks for that!

25 years of air conditioning

Art In Revolution - The Magazine


Another blog that's about old, [semi] obscure punk. It's going to be stuff that I have on tape and some old records as well. I hope you'll enjoy it.