donderdag 11 november 2010


The Stokvishal in Arnhem was not always the best venue to attend punk gigs. I remember the one where Exploited played in particular. Lots of nazi skins and idiot punks and then also a band that encouraged violence amongst the audience as well, a great night (not). We were supposed to go and see Angelic Upstarts and Cockney Rejects there too, they cancelled and I think we should be happy for that, because that for sure would have been a fiesta for the nazis.
One time Paul and myself went to see a couple of bands in small city close to Arnhem and we had to run like hell for the nazi skins and nazi punks attending that gig.
Anyways, the Dead Kennedys played Amsterdam and were supported by an unknown band called ‘Millions Of Dead Cops’. They blew Dead Kennedys off the stage and luckily they stayed in Europe a bit longer to do some more gigs. One of them was at a festival in Arnhem where Jesus and the Gospelfuckers also played. That was an afternoon/evening of mayhem for sure and I recall the singer and bass player for the Gospelfuckers negociating who was going to beat up one of the assholes in the crowd. They played brilliant, it was one of their best gigs (according to Henk Smit) and if I am correct, MDC even mentions this particular gig in a tour report.
Quality of this set is pretty good too, enjoy it!
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Jesus and the Gospelfuckers live @ Stokvishal Arnhem, The Netherlands

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