donderdag 11 november 2010

AGENT ORANGE live @ Paradiso Amsterdam 24-05-1983

AGENT ORANGE went on where Jesus and the Gospelfuckers stopped. They did two 7" records (one on Graaf Hendrick records, run by Henk 'Hoezo Politiek Correct?' Smit. Henk also was the owner of maybe the best record shop Amsterdam ever had. And the other one on the French label 'New Wave). Especially their first ep is really good and one of the best Dutch records from that era if I am to judge.
Lyricwise AGENT ORANGE took it a step further too, songs about herpes, lingerie, feminists etc surely did not go down that well with the feminist crowd, not to mention the fact they had a female singer too. And she was able to raise hell on her own.............. As you may notice there's a buch of Gospelfuckers songs enclosed in their set too, two of them are also recorded on their second ep (dope and kill the police)

Like Jesus and the Gospelfuckers, AGENT ORANGE got banned from various venues too. I remember we travelled a few times to see them, but they never were allowed to play. So I am not 100% sure if I have seen them or not.
This is a live set recorded at Paradiso in Amsterdam, the venue where most bigger punk bands played as well as special Dutch punk nights. Soon the squats and youth centers took over the function of gig places and for the better too.
The tracklist:
01-fucking up the dogs
09-kill the police
10-your mother sucks cocks in hell
12-genocide express
14-lingerie (encore)
15-herpes (encore)

live @ Paradiso Amsterdam