vrijdag 26 november 2010

Art Ratz

Thanks to the internet, music is far more easy to get for a lot of people. The rarest records can be found as mp3 on blogs or in P2P programs. That's a good thing as far as I am concerned. It's also possible to get records from all over the world on various auction sites, but most of the time they are being sold for ridiculous amounts of money, but that's the way it is I guess. Sometimes you can get very lucky though and I have been lucky a few times. On a Dutch auction site called Marktplaats I got the Tits ep for 10 euros and also the Art Ratz ep for 7 (without sleeve though).
Anyways, the Art Ratz. I always thought that this band was from Friesland, maybe because they have a newspaper clipping on their record that's from Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland. But they are from Abbenes, in the Leiden/Sassenheim area (I had to google that town!), a very small town I guess. The backsleeve of the cover features a newspaperclipping that says: 'Research proves that disco music turns you into a homo'. Now I understand! hahahahaha.
Paul and Olav picked up this ep when it was released in 1982, probably in some record store in Amsterdam. In good punk spirit, we taped eachother the records we bought and I was hooked on this ep when I first heard it. It was impossible to find a copy for myself though and I gave up looking for it. So you can understand I was pleased to find it for 7 euros, about 25 years later. Olav copied me the sleeve and the record looked brandnew.
Seein Red covers the first song 'Steunzolenboogie' on teh split 10" w/ Mihoen! by the way.
Musicwise this is raw punk, bass dominated and pretty clean guitarsound. Lyrics vary from songs about Dallas, prime ministers and drugs and ofcourse the arch support boogie (the title track).
This one of the more obscure Dutch punk records, I hope you will like it as much as I do. I have included the sleeves in the zip file.
3-twee patat met
7-bij geen gehoor twee keer bellen

Art Ratz

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bart zei

oeps, onder de verkeerde naam ingelogd :-)

--> I missed your posts this summer. happy to see you are still going. i have a few more tunes to listen to the next few days!

I remember you made a cd-r with 'nederpunk classics' for me years ago. This record is on the compilation, too. I really loved the compilations, it opened a new world for me. i love the Art-Ratz songs and sound!


Anoniem zei

the info is a little bit wrong of the artratz
i almost played in this band at the age of 15 and i have still contact with charles,he is one of them original band members
We were not from abbenes but 5 km further in the village called Nieuw-Vennep and i have to say ,you payed too much cause the original price was 2,50 gildens that would be 1 euro now lol
I have coverd 2 songs allready just recently and im going to do the rest as well
The original band member gave me his blessing to do so,so i did
I coverd the tracks 712 and aftreksel
I did also steunzolen boogie but i made it a grindcore song of it
It is an awesome track but im gonna make that one just like the original one
I don't know when im finished with this project but it will come soon and when it does ,ill tell you
You can find the covers at sound cloud
try google :G.P.B.- 712 (artratz cover)
if you want to contact me ,write a comment at the song and ill come to you
ok bye

Anoniem zei

Southfork was a squat in Abbenes, the EP was recorded in that squat where the singer of the Artratz (from Nieuw-Vennep) at that time found shelter. The complete punk- squat- and dope scene of the Haarlemmermeer in the late 70's early 80's found it's origin and main centre in Nieuw-Vennep which was odd for such a small village, but the Nieuw-Vennep punks were also very much active within and part of the Haarlem punk scene an aliance that slowly changed from the Haarlem punk scene into the Amsterdam Skinhead scene, by the mid 80's most of the Nieuw-Vennep punks had for some mysterious reason become skinheads and had moved to Amsterdam, that was the end of the punk movement in the Haarlemmermeer. Anyway, the Artratz were to much into drugs, that's why they had some line-up changes (nobody could keep up with it).