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Rotterdam, the Netherlands hosted the Red Rock Collective, a group of people (mostly art students) who formed a collective which did quite some stuff for the punk scene in Rotterdam (and other parts of the Nethelands too).
Besides hosting 4 bands (Rondos, Tändstickörshöcks, Rode Wig and Sovjets) they did a fanzine (Raket) and a record label as well as political pamflets and so on.
On december 26th 1979 they organised the ‘Rock Against Religion’ Festival at the Kaasee club in Rotterdam. Besides a lot of bands there was also a poet ‘Jules Deelder’who, in true punk tradition got covered in layers of spit, depsite the fact that his poems were really good. Punkrock I guess. The festival was documented by VPRO radio and television and in the two files you’ll find the radio braodcast including some poems by Jules Deelder, songs by Ketchup, The Squats, Jesus and the Gospelfuckers on the first file and almost a full set by NEH. NEH was a band made up of members of the Red Rock collective. In between the bands are interviews with people attending the festival as well as one with Jesus, singer for Jesus and the Gospelfuckers (‘Why are you called Jesus? Well, my father is called God’).
The interviews are all in Dutch and deal with religion and why people attend the festival (for various reasons ofcourse, be it as an anti religious statement, or just for the fun of it, some of the crowd apparently went to church the day before).
Enjoy the festival!
Part 1

Part 2

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Hallo, op 29 juli 2012 wou ik part 1 en part 2 van Rock Against Religion
uit 1979 kijken maar de films zijn van deze site af. Tegenvaller!
Ik ben trouwens bij het festival geweest toen.

Betty uit Rotterdam

naked zei

cheers from russia mate! you run a great blog! but please upload part II again. i can't save it because file was deleted on mediafire.