woensdag 24 november 2010


In the mid-eighties, there were not that many bands from the city of Utrecht. Kikkerspuug might be the most known one and Laitz probably the other one. Through the Holland Hardcore tapes we got in touch wit the guys who played in the Laitz and they (ofcourse) were featured on one of the volumes of Holland Hardcore.
What I remember most from them is that guitarsound made me think of YDI from the usa and listening again to their demo, it still does. They also were quite capable of handling their instruments and that is proven by the sometimes complex song structures. If I am correct we (Lärm) did a couple of gigs together with them and I remember driving back from Belgium, spending the night in some field close to the border. Things you did when you were young eh?
This demo has a really good sound quality and even dual guitar tracks, which was quite unusual for that time. The songs they contributed to the 'On our way to fool's paradise' compilation are even more complex structurewise.
The MMR review of the demo compared them to Die Kreuzen and again, as far as the guitars are concerned, I understand that.
Some of the members went on in the band 'Alp'. Something completely different from Laitz.

01 Noise makes me feel good
02 Blind for reality
03 Punk
04 Zwakken pakken
05 Obey to the misery
06 It's all bullshit
07 New fun cowboy song
08 Gerechtigheid
09 Join the police
10 RAF
11 AIDS team
12 Are we doomed
13 10 seconds

LAITZ - Balance of power demo

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madmohawk zei

Ik heb die demo hier nog ergens op tape staan tesamen met demo's van Diskotz en Swampsurfers(beiden ook goed). Heb je iets liggen van Echte boter GVD. Nederlandse bands waren redelijk populair in Belgie in de jaren 80 en ik vraag me al jaren af waarom er (vergeleken met Nederland)zo weinig punkbands waren in Belgie. grtz of doei

aweirdmeanrat zei

@madmohawk: de drummer van swap surfers speelt inmiddels in fuckin' pissed http://www.myspace.com/fcknpssd

distortiontodeafness zei

Echte Boter GVD komt er in de toekomst ook aan. En de drummer van de Swampsurfers was ook drummer van Black Vampire!

Anoniem zei

Laitz speelde bij Smurfpunx in de jaren 80 samen met heel wat ander NL bands:
Er waren echter wel degelijk heel wat Bel. bands
Ever heard of Zyklome A, WR3, enz. enz.