vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

Art In Revolution

No new episode, but just mentioning that the singer of Art In Revolution got in touch and he gave me two links. One to the complete discography of the band and another one to the fanzine that they did. Thanks a lot Tony, this is very much appreciated. Both can be found in the thread on A-I-R

zondag 9 oktober 2011

Kippenhok squat (s) Amersfoort

Since I've mentioned the Kippenhok squats in Amersfoort in previous posts, here's some footage from both squats that can be found on youtube. It's all from the Definite Choice Video Party tapes and we all should hassle Paul and Olav to re-release those tapes on dvd!

First off we have a band called Second Siberia, they're from Amersfoort and besides a demo (which I will rip sooner or later) they did not release anything. This was filmed at Kippenhok II

The Deadlock footage below was filmed at Kippenhok I. Deadlock were from Amsterdam and released an lp as well as some tracks on the 'Beware of the wolf in sheep clothing' lp

BGK must be known to everyone, the first Dutch punkband to make it to the USA (or was that Panic?). 2nd line up here (with fretless bass!!) filmed at Kippenhok II when they played with Negazione.

SCA were from Amsterdam, they were called Staphorster Chaoten Alliantie at first but changed that into Strong Concentration of Anger. This is the first line up, they had a different bass player later on. We made them put on shorts for this gig, otherwise they were not allowed to play (yeah, call us idiots indeed). Filmed at Kippenhok I

Finally here's some footage of BTD (who chenged name to Betray lateron). They released a tape as well as tracks on the 'On our way to fool's paradise'

And there's loads more, like I said, we should harass Paul and Olav for that!

Vopo's and our encounter with the Baarn skins

This week someone (Peter Verzijl) posted old photos of punk bands performing at Paradiso in Amsterdam. Amongst the photos were a couple of the Vopo's, who were from Zwolle and delivered a classic 4 track ep and a great lp. I must have mentioned them in the thread about the Vultures, because they often played together.
I remember we went to see them at the Oktopus in Amsterdam where they played together with the Outlawz (if I remember right). The venue was packed with punks, from Amsterdam, but also quite a lot from other places. And yes there were some skinheads too, most of them were cool but a couple of them seemed to be out for a fight, but did not dare to, because they were easily outnumbered by all the punks.
Both bands delivered a really good set and especially the Vopo's made quite an impact. When the last band finished, the punks went outside and soaked in sweat we made our way to the railway station. The were more punks on the road and also that group of skins were on their way to catch a train. At the platform the skins started to harass a couple of punks but they did not know that there were friends of the punks already on the train. All of a sudden, the platform was full of punks kicking the skinheads and teaching them a lesson (or two). We witnessed this all from our train that was on another platform and thought it was a really hilarious situation, untill the skinheads entered our train.... There were just four of us and at least ten skinheads, so all of a sudden the situation had changed drastically. They asked us why we had not helped them and before we even could come up with an answer, one of us was hit over the head with a stick and they started to punch us. The condoctur of the train saved our asses by letting us in the 1st class department and then locking the doors. We had no idea where these assholes were from and I remember we were really relieved when they left the train in Baarn, a small city on the west side of Amersfoort. Years later, when I was at college I had a classmate who turned out to be the sister of one of these Baarn Skins. When I told her about this encounter she could do nothing more agree on the fact that they were complete assholes.

Back to the Vopo's and their ep. They did deliver 4 really good punk songs on that piece of vinyl and we even covered 'Menten' with the Sextons. I have seen them three times in total and the last time I saw them, was in Hilversum, where they played at Tagrijn (the venue where Lärm did it's very first gig). This was when they had changed vocalists and I think they had just released the 'Conquer' lp. That lp was quite a dissapointment, but nevertheless we went to see them, hoping they would do some old songs as well. When their new singer entered the stage it was not a good sign. Studded wristbands all the way to his elbows and looking as mean as possible (which turned out to be looking like a clown basically). The atmosphere at this gig was not right and I remember there was a lot of rivalry between various cities and areas in Holland. I have mentioned that before if I am right.
Apparently something had happened between some punks from Utrecht and punks from the Zwolle area. Eitherway, the Utrecht punks were there to settle the score, but we never witnessed that, because the Vopo's did not play old songs anymore. For us there was no reason to watch them so we left. Our friends from Hilversum stayed and they told us the horror stories of the fights that broke out during the Vopo's set.
Years and years later Slapshot would do a song 'So ends our night (into another fight)', which sort of glorifies violence at shows. Let me assure you there was not much fun at these violent gigs, you'd get your head kicked in for having the wrong pins or band logo's. Violence already sucked back then and it still does.

In the file you'll find the Vopo's ep. It got re-released and the Vopo's are back together, but I have not seen them since the reunion they did in Steenwijk amongst reunions of Zmiv, Stanx, Glorious Death and Lärm. I did not really like them to be honest, but the ep and lp are classics and they stood the test of time perfectly.
Right now they describe themselves as speed metal band and the brothers Frans and Theo de Grebber are the only original members. Check their site at vopo's

Vopo's 7"

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011


I was just browsing through Dan's blog old-fast and loud where I discovered the demo tape by Resistance. Dan wrote they were from Zwolle, but that band was called Lá Résistance and were from the Steenwijk area if I am correct.
The Resistance tape he uploaded is a band from Amersfoort and yours truly is responsible for the cover art.
Amersfoort had various waves of hardcore punk. In one of the earlier post I mentioned the Asperitys and the Puke. You could call them the second wave I guess. The third wave of bands was around when we had the 'Kippenhok' squats in Amersfoort. The first squat was right in the city center and it was a big church. We ran a bar in there and organised many gigs. Bands such as BGK, Negazione, Kaaos, Tension, SCA, Funeral Oration, Pandemonium and many many more played a lot of great gigs there.
This was also when we got to know people like Theun and Guus, Mirjam, Lara Emilie and others. When the the church burned down a villa was squatted and that was in the richer area of Amersfoort. This worked out pretty well actually. In that squat we had bands like Heresy, Heibel, Government Issue, BGK, Negazione, WCF and many more played there.
This was the time of the third wave of bands. Resistance was one of them, together with Second Siberia and Loud Warning.
The members of Resistance came from surrounding smaller towns as well, but were part of the core of the Amersfoort punks. If I am correct, most of the Resistance members went on as Loud Warning, who were also on the 'On our way to fool's paradise' compilation lp. I think there's even some live footage on youtube somewhere, because I know people have put the Definite Choice video tapes online.
The gigs at both of the squats were a lot of fun most of the times, though in the first one, there was always a threat of local disco youth trying to pick fights and attacking the squat after all the bars closed at 2 pm. I remember the place being really packed when BGK, Lärm and Negazione played there. That must have been one of the wildest gigs ever at that squat. This is also where AMKA did their one and only gig (AMKA was Paul, Olav, Marcr and myself). We did not really rehearse and I remember the 'song' called 'trillende bril' (vibrating specs), where we were silent and I airdrummed which made my specs vibrate. So much for my career on the drums.
In the second squat we organised a lot of gigs with local bands and bands from nearby. We even got in touch with the metal scene and had some of those bands play there too (Second Hell for example. Some of the gigs there were really great, I particularly remember the Heresy one being a fantastic gig. Government Issue was great too, but they were not the most open people. All in all, good memories of that time.
The file that is in the download was being put together by Dan and he also cleaned the recordings and did a good job on that. I did not change the tags, simply because I have no clue how to do that. Dan even made a cover for a cd-r (he does that for all of his files), so all credits to him!
Next time you run into Gwynn @ the OCCII or some other venue, ask him about (t)his band!
Resistance demo

More Mollesters

A couple of weeks ago I was at my friend Marcel's place to do some screenprinting for the limited version of the Systematic Death new ep on the ever great label way back when records . When it was lunchtime, Jeroen also came by (Marcel and Jeroen used to run Coalition Records together). It almost felt like a reunion because I had not seen Jeroen for a very long time. We ended up talking about old Dutch punk bands and Jeroen promised me to get me in touch with some member of the Neo Punkz (I am helping my friend Paco with some re-releases of classic Dutch bands). A short while after Jeroen left, he called and told me he ran into someone who used to be in the Mollesters or was a good friend of them (this guy also used to all the printing for the Coalition label). We decided to meet up with him when we went into town and on a square not too far from Marcel's place we had an interesting chat about Mollesters, BVD, Hollands Glorie and more old punk(s). I told him about the blog and he seemed really into it and willing to hand me some recordings to be (re)released on vinyl too. Untill now I have not heard from him, but I am patient.
After I publiced the Mollesters live set on this blog, my friend Paul reminded me of a short live set they did for the VPRO radio, somewhere back in 1980 or so. I used to have that on tape myself, but it has dissapeared. Luckly Paul still had it and he gave me a copy last weekend. So thanks to Paul, you're all able to listen to more Mollesters live. Sound quality is quite good and the songs are killer. I have no titles, but I guess the first songs is called Violence, then we have Ignorance, a song about Niki Lauda, a song that is probably called 'you're sexless' and finally a song about a tarantula(?). Really good stuff and if you can understand Dutch, you'll hear someone in the audience shouting: 'Yeah fantastic' all the time. At the end the crowd is shouting 'louder' and then the tape cuts off. I am not sure if there were more songs broadcasted or not and I don't know where this was recorded.
Getting back to Paco, the first release will be a Lullabies discography. At the moment I am collecting as many photos, flyers and other related stuff. We have this wild idea about a release party, but I will not tell anything untill it is certain.
In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the Mollesters!
Mollesters live at VPRO radio