zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

More Mollesters

A couple of weeks ago I was at my friend Marcel's place to do some screenprinting for the limited version of the Systematic Death new ep on the ever great label way back when records . When it was lunchtime, Jeroen also came by (Marcel and Jeroen used to run Coalition Records together). It almost felt like a reunion because I had not seen Jeroen for a very long time. We ended up talking about old Dutch punk bands and Jeroen promised me to get me in touch with some member of the Neo Punkz (I am helping my friend Paco with some re-releases of classic Dutch bands). A short while after Jeroen left, he called and told me he ran into someone who used to be in the Mollesters or was a good friend of them (this guy also used to all the printing for the Coalition label). We decided to meet up with him when we went into town and on a square not too far from Marcel's place we had an interesting chat about Mollesters, BVD, Hollands Glorie and more old punk(s). I told him about the blog and he seemed really into it and willing to hand me some recordings to be (re)released on vinyl too. Untill now I have not heard from him, but I am patient.
After I publiced the Mollesters live set on this blog, my friend Paul reminded me of a short live set they did for the VPRO radio, somewhere back in 1980 or so. I used to have that on tape myself, but it has dissapeared. Luckly Paul still had it and he gave me a copy last weekend. So thanks to Paul, you're all able to listen to more Mollesters live. Sound quality is quite good and the songs are killer. I have no titles, but I guess the first songs is called Violence, then we have Ignorance, a song about Niki Lauda, a song that is probably called 'you're sexless' and finally a song about a tarantula(?). Really good stuff and if you can understand Dutch, you'll hear someone in the audience shouting: 'Yeah fantastic' all the time. At the end the crowd is shouting 'louder' and then the tape cuts off. I am not sure if there were more songs broadcasted or not and I don't know where this was recorded.
Getting back to Paco, the first release will be a Lullabies discography. At the moment I am collecting as many photos, flyers and other related stuff. We have this wild idea about a release party, but I will not tell anything untill it is certain.
In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the Mollesters!
Mollesters live at VPRO radio

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