zaterdag 17 maart 2012


I know it has been a real long while since the last post here. Time is something that I do not seem to have enough of lately.
On Facebook, there's a group called 'Punk Rock Holland", basically it consists of a lot of old punks who post about the old days and moan about today and who used to be more punk than the other.
Besides that, you encounter nice people and some interesting facts as well and I ran into a live photo of a band called 'Miranda's'. Although I own both their ep's, I have never seen them live, or know a lot about this band. Someone told me that there will be a reissue of their ep's plus some demo recordings, alwawys nice to see this happen.
I uploaded the first ep, the second one will be uploaded another time.

An exibition on punk in the Netherlands has opened in Utrecht a few weeks ago. I went there last weekend and was not completely dissapointed, although I think it could have had some more focus on punk itself instead of on the 'arty part' of it. If all goes waccording to plan, an article by yours truly on this exhibition will be published soon.

mirandas ep