zondag 28 februari 2010


In the early 80’s there were so many good bands around that did not hail from Amsterdam. To be honest, most of the better bands from that era came from outside of Amsterdam [ofcourse there were exceptions]. Anyways, Groningen is all the way up north in the Netherlands and in the 80’s they had a very thriving punkscene there that was closely connected to the local squat scene. The WNC [Wolters Noordhoff Complex] was known globally and was a great place where loads of activities took place, not just punkconcerts.In this blog I am presenting you a split tape from JETSET and BLOEDBAD. Jetset was a band that was from Haren, a suburb of Groningen and basically a rich suburb of Groningen. So in fact the bandname was quite accurate to a lot of hardcore punks. JETSET was a band that produced loud, short songs, but also very musically and the lyrics were very well written and completely in Dutch. They got quite some flak for being to intellectual, but they were one of the very few bands that dared to be critical of the punkscene at that time. I am still hoping that one day all of their recordings will be released as a discography lp. It is great stuff.Jetset was member of the Roodwitzwart (RedWhiteBlack) collective, including bands Massagraf, Bloedbad, Vacuüm.BLOEDBAD was a relatively young band and specialized in simple short attacks of hardcore punk. In one of the later line-ups was Michael [Bacteria] who still plays in Shikari. I do not know that much about this band besides their releases and the one time I have seen them live [which was great by the way] and I really love the band name [BLOEDBAD meands Bloodbath]. Enjoy the tape!
01-Teken dit papier
02-1984 Herzien
04-Tart de staat
05-De Vlucht
06-Lieve kindertjes
10-Neo Verzet
12-De Boodschap
14-De Verademing
01-Jan Thys
08-Last Final Bloedbad
09-Oranje Boven
13-Bier en Leut
16-Anti Nazi

Jetset / Bloedbad

donderdag 25 februari 2010


Pistache B.V. was a band that was around in the beginning of the 80’s. They have released a split tape with Eton Crop [who later turned into an Indie rock band] as well as 3 tracks on the ‘Als je haar maar goed zit’ volume 1.
They played melodic punkrock with Dutch lyrics and those lyrics were good ones and very well written too. I am not sure how long they have been around for.
Some of them started a youth centre called ‘Babylon’ in Woerden in the neighborhood of Utrecht. We’ve travelled quite often there to see many bands play [Pistache BV being one of them] and I remember we always had to run for the last train. Yes, we were punkrockers that did not really enjoy a night on the street or railway station.
The tracks below are the Pistache BV ones, I did not really enjoy Eton Crop that much to be honest.
The singer for Pistache BV was the singer for De Kift on their first two records. The other band members never did anything noticable bandwise lateron. I am told that one of the band members is a reporter for a big newspaper nowadays. Our band Seein Red covered ‘Nekschot’ on our 20 years anniversary ep [available from way back when records].
Pistache BV also appeared on the ‘Als je haar maar goed zat’ DVD compilation, that featured various punk bands recorded live at the Oktopus in Amsterdam. I think the dvd is sold out by now, but you can download some clips at als je haar maar goed zat

01- Den Haag Vandaag
02- Nekschot
03 – P.S.P.
04 – S.S.T.
05 – Koos H.
06 – Zebra 3
07 – Patat en Voetbal
08 – Hi, Ha, Hondelul
09 – S.T.E.R.
10 – Je Maintiendrai
11 – T.V. Privé


dinsdag 23 februari 2010

KOTX a chant of chaos

KOTX hailed from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They were more of a Chaos punk band in contrary to for example the Rondos. As far as I am aware, there's only one song recorded by them and that is released on the 'Rotterdam Spunk' compilation.
We saw them perform live once at the 'Rotterdam New Pop' festival, where they were accompanied by the J. Dops band [I believe they shared members], the Neo Pogo's and Debiele Eenheid. This was an open air festival and as soon as we left the subway, we were greeted by skinheads. Later on, there was a big fight between punks and skins which was ended by the Riot Squad. At that time there was quite some rivalry between some punks from various cities. On the way back when the train stopped at Utrecht Central Station, some punks from Arnhem settled the score with some punks from Utrecht. Passers by could not believe their eyes when they saw punks fighting punks....
Anyways, I found this footage a while back on the internet and it is a couple of songs by KOTX and then there's a reggae band. This was long before Poison Idea wrote their song 'Reggae...I hate' and boy were they right.
If anyone has more KOTX stuff available, let me know.

Kotx @ Kaasee, Rotterdam from Distortion to Deafness on Vimeo.

zondag 21 februari 2010


Revo was a band from Rotterdam and they were a really young band. I guess the average age was maybe 15? Not sure. These three track are from a compilation called ‘Rotterdam collection’, which also includes Tandstickörshocks and the Rondos. Most of the other bands have nothing to do with punk at all.These three songs are very basic, 3 chord punk [ the way I like it!] and the lyrics have a typical ‘fuck you’ approach. But that was what punk was and is about right?They performed live at the ´Rock Against Religion´ festival in Rotterdam which took place on Boxing day, or as we call it overhere, 2nd Christmas day. Parts of this festival were broadcasted on Dutch tv and I have some of that on tape, that will follow later.

1 Fuck the schools
2 Geloof in god, geloof in fascisme [Believe in god, believe in fascism]
3 Blah blah blah


zondag 7 februari 2010

The Rapers - demo

Amsterdam had Jesus and the Gospelfuckers, Utrecht had Noxious and The Rapers......Big fans of local football club FC Utrecht, these guys represented the more obnoxious part of the Utreg Punx scene. We went to see them once and when we entered the venue, one of them immediately came up to me and asked me if I was from Amsterdam [due to the fact I had ‘Nitwitz’ on the back of my leather jacket]. When I responded: ‘No I am from Amersfoort’ he told me it was o.k. because he hated Ajax and people from Amsterdam in general, but Amersfoort was good, after all we used to have a premium league football team too..... I also got lot of questions for wearing a ‘Rapers’ pin lateron, they were not the most loved band in Utrecht I guess. They did an ep which has the worst sound quality ever but they also recorded 4 song for the ‘7,50’ compilation album and they are recorded well and are also really good songs,I got this demo through Jeroen Vedder [known for the book ‘Het gejuich was massaal’], it was part of the treasure bag I picked up yesterday.These seven songs are recorded much better than the ep and some of them are unreleased. This must have been recorded in 1980 or so.Enjoy the tracks!

2-anti christ
3-disco is dood
4-fascist cops
5-vonhoff is rot
6-i hate you
8-rules are for fools

Rapers demo

donderdag 4 februari 2010


Back in 1979 I had a friend called Alex, the two of us were the only punks in our small village and we went to Amersfoort quite often to go to the record stores there. The city was covered with punk graffitti so we imagined there were loads of punks there. We never saw that many on the streets, but began to reply the ‘Punx ‘79’ graffitti, so the first contact was made. In early 1980 we met Paul and Olav and to cut a long story short, we started our own band.
We practised in Alex’s bedroom. Guitar, bass and vocals were all through the bass amp [Alex had a rich aunt who gave him quite some money] and as drums we used a chair. The very first time we practised, we recorded the songs. 3 of them are ‘covers’, which means, we used the lyrics from other songs [Menten by The Vopos and Do you wanna dance?/It’s a long way back to Germany by the Ramones]. The other one is the very first song we ever did and is called ‘Victim’. This song can also be found on the Lärm discography cd on Coalition. Lateron we recorded another 20-25 songs but none of us owns that tape anymore. We did one gig, we played together with the Bizon Kidz from Utrecht. Soon after that Alex got more and more interested in the drug punks so that was more or less the end of the band. Paul, Olav and myself continued, but I will save that story for later. Sextons line up was: Alex - bass, Paul - guitar, Olav - drums, Jos - vocals.

1. Menten
2. Victim
3. Do you wanna dance?
4. It's a long way back to Germany

SEXTONS 4 tracks

maandag 1 februari 2010

Mornington Crescent - cassette

"Faster than the Dickies, cheaper than Albert Heyn, more shocking than Dallas"

Named after a London tube station, Mornington Crescent hailed from Amsterdam. Most people will know them because of their ‘Greetings from Amsterdam’ ep, which is a killer record and highly collectable like many other Dutch stuff from the eighties.This tape is different from the ep, two singers and a much more punk approach than the ep has. They mix english with dutch lyrics on this tape, but I can’t find the booklet anymore, so there’s not much to say about the lyrics, sorry.
I might even prefer the tape over the ep to be honest, especially after listening to it for a couple of times in the past week. I swear that the song ‘Healthfood’ had the chords from Sweet’s ‘Blockbuster’ as an intro, and the song ‘Anti-Pasti’ starts off very similar to Anti-Pasti’s ‘No Government’. But hey, name me one punk band that did not borrow chords from other songs!Their discography is as follows:

- cassette
- greetings from Amsterdam ep
- one track on the Chainsaw flexi [possession, taken off their ep]

Gummo Punx records from Amsterdam has released Mornington Crescents discography a while back and it is well worth tracking down. Including the tape and the ep as well as the ep in a different mix. Tracklist:
1. Wals
2. Government’s planning
3. Healthfood
4. I’m so happy
5. Deze niet
6. The bomb
7. Break
8. Anti-Pasti
9. I [It’s me]
10. Filth
11. Handen wassen

Mornington Crescent tape Mornington Crescent tape booklet