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In the early 80’s there were so many good bands around that did not hail from Amsterdam. To be honest, most of the better bands from that era came from outside of Amsterdam [ofcourse there were exceptions]. Anyways, Groningen is all the way up north in the Netherlands and in the 80’s they had a very thriving punkscene there that was closely connected to the local squat scene. The WNC [Wolters Noordhoff Complex] was known globally and was a great place where loads of activities took place, not just punkconcerts.In this blog I am presenting you a split tape from JETSET and BLOEDBAD. Jetset was a band that was from Haren, a suburb of Groningen and basically a rich suburb of Groningen. So in fact the bandname was quite accurate to a lot of hardcore punks. JETSET was a band that produced loud, short songs, but also very musically and the lyrics were very well written and completely in Dutch. They got quite some flak for being to intellectual, but they were one of the very few bands that dared to be critical of the punkscene at that time. I am still hoping that one day all of their recordings will be released as a discography lp. It is great stuff.Jetset was member of the Roodwitzwart (RedWhiteBlack) collective, including bands Massagraf, Bloedbad, Vacuüm.BLOEDBAD was a relatively young band and specialized in simple short attacks of hardcore punk. In one of the later line-ups was Michael [Bacteria] who still plays in Shikari. I do not know that much about this band besides their releases and the one time I have seen them live [which was great by the way] and I really love the band name [BLOEDBAD meands Bloodbath]. Enjoy the tape!
01-Teken dit papier
02-1984 Herzien
04-Tart de staat
05-De Vlucht
06-Lieve kindertjes
10-Neo Verzet
12-De Boodschap
14-De Verademing
01-Jan Thys
08-Last Final Bloedbad
09-Oranje Boven
13-Bier en Leut
16-Anti Nazi

Jetset / Bloedbad

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Anoniem zei


vile76 zei

Both bands rules and they released more stuffs.

But I'm sure you'll rip them soon. Thanks for your blog...

vile76 zei


I was just comparing my old tape trading version with your ripp and I do have one song more for JETSET. It's a funny song called "Vivisexy".

Also, you ripped 14 songs for JETSET. With "Vivisection" we do have 15 songs, OK.

Check to the picture of the sleeve you made. Song 09 "Vul in" is missing. You didn't ripped it and I don't have it myself on my tape version. So, on the cover, 16 songs are listed for JETSET.

Do you have any explanations about that ??

Is "vivisexy" song (The last ones for JETSET) does only appear on earlier - or maybe later - version of this great split tape ??

I think you're maybe the only guy able to explain exactly why there's a difference like that about 14 songs, 15 songs and 16 songs listed on sleeve...

Thanks in advance. HERVE (VILE76).

Manuzzi zei

hi, nice article, but, as you are writing, the Jetset are from the early 80's. WNC-Complex was squatted in the second half of the 80's. the first punk scene in groningen gathered in Simplon that days.

Michael zei

Heynow! Michael Bacteria here (ex-Bloedbad - though not on this tape). OK, there is definitely 16 songs on the Jetset side. Vivisexy is like a "ghosttrack" and "Vul In" is more or less the outro (4 notes) for the song "Anoniem". They always liked to fool around with this kind of shit and the song appropriately translates to "Fill Up"... :-)