donderdag 4 februari 2010


Back in 1979 I had a friend called Alex, the two of us were the only punks in our small village and we went to Amersfoort quite often to go to the record stores there. The city was covered with punk graffitti so we imagined there were loads of punks there. We never saw that many on the streets, but began to reply the ‘Punx ‘79’ graffitti, so the first contact was made. In early 1980 we met Paul and Olav and to cut a long story short, we started our own band.
We practised in Alex’s bedroom. Guitar, bass and vocals were all through the bass amp [Alex had a rich aunt who gave him quite some money] and as drums we used a chair. The very first time we practised, we recorded the songs. 3 of them are ‘covers’, which means, we used the lyrics from other songs [Menten by The Vopos and Do you wanna dance?/It’s a long way back to Germany by the Ramones]. The other one is the very first song we ever did and is called ‘Victim’. This song can also be found on the Lärm discography cd on Coalition. Lateron we recorded another 20-25 songs but none of us owns that tape anymore. We did one gig, we played together with the Bizon Kidz from Utrecht. Soon after that Alex got more and more interested in the drug punks so that was more or less the end of the band. Paul, Olav and myself continued, but I will save that story for later. Sextons line up was: Alex - bass, Paul - guitar, Olav - drums, Jos - vocals.

1. Menten
2. Victim
3. Do you wanna dance?
4. It's a long way back to Germany

SEXTONS 4 tracks

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