donderdag 25 februari 2010


Pistache B.V. was a band that was around in the beginning of the 80’s. They have released a split tape with Eton Crop [who later turned into an Indie rock band] as well as 3 tracks on the ‘Als je haar maar goed zit’ volume 1.
They played melodic punkrock with Dutch lyrics and those lyrics were good ones and very well written too. I am not sure how long they have been around for.
Some of them started a youth centre called ‘Babylon’ in Woerden in the neighborhood of Utrecht. We’ve travelled quite often there to see many bands play [Pistache BV being one of them] and I remember we always had to run for the last train. Yes, we were punkrockers that did not really enjoy a night on the street or railway station.
The tracks below are the Pistache BV ones, I did not really enjoy Eton Crop that much to be honest.
The singer for Pistache BV was the singer for De Kift on their first two records. The other band members never did anything noticable bandwise lateron. I am told that one of the band members is a reporter for a big newspaper nowadays. Our band Seein Red covered ‘Nekschot’ on our 20 years anniversary ep [available from way back when records].
Pistache BV also appeared on the ‘Als je haar maar goed zat’ DVD compilation, that featured various punk bands recorded live at the Oktopus in Amsterdam. I think the dvd is sold out by now, but you can download some clips at als je haar maar goed zat

01- Den Haag Vandaag
02- Nekschot
03 – P.S.P.
04 – S.S.T.
05 – Koos H.
06 – Zebra 3
07 – Patat en Voetbal
08 – Hi, Ha, Hondelul
09 – S.T.E.R.
10 – Je Maintiendrai
11 – T.V. Privé


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maarten zei

this information is right,I can tell.

By: Maarten Oudshoorn, singer Pistache BV and singer De Kift on the first album and on a few tracks on the 2nd album