dinsdag 23 februari 2010

KOTX a chant of chaos

KOTX hailed from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They were more of a Chaos punk band in contrary to for example the Rondos. As far as I am aware, there's only one song recorded by them and that is released on the 'Rotterdam Spunk' compilation.
We saw them perform live once at the 'Rotterdam New Pop' festival, where they were accompanied by the J. Dops band [I believe they shared members], the Neo Pogo's and Debiele Eenheid. This was an open air festival and as soon as we left the subway, we were greeted by skinheads. Later on, there was a big fight between punks and skins which was ended by the Riot Squad. At that time there was quite some rivalry between some punks from various cities. On the way back when the train stopped at Utrecht Central Station, some punks from Arnhem settled the score with some punks from Utrecht. Passers by could not believe their eyes when they saw punks fighting punks....
Anyways, I found this footage a while back on the internet and it is a couple of songs by KOTX and then there's a reggae band. This was long before Poison Idea wrote their song 'Reggae...I hate' and boy were they right.
If anyone has more KOTX stuff available, let me know.

Kotx @ Kaasee, Rotterdam from Distortion to Deafness on Vimeo.

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vile76 zei

About ROTTERDAM SPUNK : LP from 1983, it stayed very very obscure and I guess only a few are made. I didn't have a lot of chance to buy it even doing UTRECHT record-fairs, ha, ha, ha !!!

OK, do you have more sessions from bands featuring on this comp. LP ??

ijs zei

Hoi Jos

Ik weet niet of je al andere opnames heb gevonden van KOTX (the cd zusje), anders heb ik nog wel.
Laat maar weten of je die nog wil, dan zal ik ze meenemen naar de vinger

Groet André

distortiontodeafness zei

Graag André!

Henk Madrotter zei

waahahaha mooi om dit te zien zewg he, meteor staat vooraan kijken of ik er nog een paar herken:)

Henk Madrotter zei

niet te geloven joh, toos, sissy, ria, aadskin, roger van bunker oeso, jordaan, robert-jan