zondag 27 oktober 2013

This is names don't matter comp tape

Back in the 80's there were  a lot of people releasing compilation tapes. It was something not too hard to do and also did not cost a lot of money. Most of the tapelabels were run by just one person or a small group of friends. Tape comps were the cheapest way for bands to get known and have their music released to a wide audience, because tape-dubbing was something we ALL did at that time.
There were a lot of classic compilations released over the years, the Bad Compilation tapes is just one example and I think the Holland Hardcore series deserve to be mentioned too. Thanks to compilation tapes like XCentric and the likes, we got to know bands such as Huvudtvätt and other classic bands from the eighties, too many to mention.
The tape that I have uploaded is done by 'My smile is a mask' tapes which was linked to a zine called 'Names don't matter'. This comp was done in 1985.
First off we have S.C.A. from Amsterdam. They started as Staphorster Chaoten Alliantie but changed their name to Strong Concentration of Anger after that. Released a 12" and a few tracks on the 'Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing' 12". I think the stuff on this compilation is all previously released, but I am not 100% sure. Since the guitarplayer's daughter is on the school I run, I will ask Rob if he remembers this tape.
Murder Inc. III hails from Heerenveen and has been featured in this blog previously. Also not sure if their songs on this tape have been released previously. They have just created a facebook page too where you can see a lot of photos and flyers as well as videos of very recent pratices. Are they re-uniting? Murder inc facebook page
Fishtown HC is a band from Germany (as far as I am told) and that is about all the info I can give you on them.
Jack in the Box is a one-man project done bij Sjak van Brussel, he is also responsible for some compilation tapes himself. Sjak also runs Antenna record store in Tilburg and still plays in Lewd (the Dutch one that is). I would describe Jack in the Box as a young Big Black.
Images provided by Sjak.

names don't matter

maandag 21 oktober 2013

Hollands Glorie

Hollands Glorie was a band formed by two ex-members of BVD and Ketchup. Hailing from The Hague, Hollands Glorie was another band that sang in Dutch and added some more melody to their sound. There is a hint of Oi! to be found, as well as rock and roll, very catchy indeed. I think they were together for 3 years or something like that. Two of the bandmembers joined a band called World War Rockers afterwards. Uploaded are their demo and ep.
Harde Feiten ep

Bizon Kids

I can't really understand why I haven't uploaded the Bizon Kids ep yet. They were the first band Paul. Olav and myself ever shared the stage with during the first and only Sextons gig ever. I have mentioned before we used to go to a lot of punk gigs in Utrecht. The city was nearby and for some reason we always felt very comfortable at the gigs overthere (until we went to the Strength Thru Noxious! festival, but that is another story). At the time of the first Sextons gig, I met a punkette from Utrecht who was placed out of her home there and was living with fosterparents in Amersfoort. Het name was Meetje and I think she is the one who got us in touch with the Bizon Kidz. More on that gig can be found in the piece I wrote about the Sextons. The Bizon Kidz were a fun band to watch live, they joked around a lot and their ep is an example of that. They created their own game (Bizon Borden) which can be found on the lyric sheet and were not afraid to cover an a capella song about frikadellen (google that!). Besides this ep, they recorded some songs for the 'Rock Against' lp. After that, they faded away from the punk scene and I do not think they went on in other bands. I have fond memories of them playing at the rock against religion festival in Utrecht, in one of the cellars close to the town hall. Seein Red covered two songs of them over the years: Godsdienstwaanzin on the split with MK Ultra en Ouwe Lullen Tango on the anniversary ep. There is some live footage on youtube here

Bizon Kidz ep

Squits - Haarlem Punks

Yes I know it has been a real long while since the last post on this weblog, but I am hoping to do this on a more regulare basis from now on. This time I would like to introduce a band from Haarlem called 'Squits'. They self-released an ep in 1982 that had 12 songs on it, if I am correct this was the first Dutch ep with this amount of songs. Part of the artwork was done by Joost Swarte, a famous illustrator and artist from the Netherlands. Besides this ep, they also contributed to the first Holland Hardcore tape and by then they already had evolved into a faster hardcore band like a lot of punk bands did at that time. Not too soon after these recordigns the band split up and the bass player Paul joined or formed a new band called Pure Hate. They also slef released an ep that pops up every now and then due to dead stock being discovered at a lot of record stores and distros. It is one of those underrated hardcore records that not many people seem to care about. It is not rare enough or hyped enough. I think it is a great record and it includes a Squits song too (people). I never was fortunate enough to catch the Squits live though, I am not sure if they played live a lot. You will find the ep, the Holland Hardcore recordings and the Pure Hate ep underneath.

Squits ep
Squits Holland Hardcore recordings
Pure Hate ep