maandag 21 oktober 2013

Squits - Haarlem Punks

Yes I know it has been a real long while since the last post on this weblog, but I am hoping to do this on a more regulare basis from now on. This time I would like to introduce a band from Haarlem called 'Squits'. They self-released an ep in 1982 that had 12 songs on it, if I am correct this was the first Dutch ep with this amount of songs. Part of the artwork was done by Joost Swarte, a famous illustrator and artist from the Netherlands. Besides this ep, they also contributed to the first Holland Hardcore tape and by then they already had evolved into a faster hardcore band like a lot of punk bands did at that time. Not too soon after these recordigns the band split up and the bass player Paul joined or formed a new band called Pure Hate. They also slef released an ep that pops up every now and then due to dead stock being discovered at a lot of record stores and distros. It is one of those underrated hardcore records that not many people seem to care about. It is not rare enough or hyped enough. I think it is a great record and it includes a Squits song too (people). I never was fortunate enough to catch the Squits live though, I am not sure if they played live a lot. You will find the ep, the Holland Hardcore recordings and the Pure Hate ep underneath.

Squits ep
Squits Holland Hardcore recordings
Pure Hate ep

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