maandag 21 oktober 2013

Bizon Kids

I can't really understand why I haven't uploaded the Bizon Kids ep yet. They were the first band Paul. Olav and myself ever shared the stage with during the first and only Sextons gig ever. I have mentioned before we used to go to a lot of punk gigs in Utrecht. The city was nearby and for some reason we always felt very comfortable at the gigs overthere (until we went to the Strength Thru Noxious! festival, but that is another story). At the time of the first Sextons gig, I met a punkette from Utrecht who was placed out of her home there and was living with fosterparents in Amersfoort. Het name was Meetje and I think she is the one who got us in touch with the Bizon Kidz. More on that gig can be found in the piece I wrote about the Sextons. The Bizon Kidz were a fun band to watch live, they joked around a lot and their ep is an example of that. They created their own game (Bizon Borden) which can be found on the lyric sheet and were not afraid to cover an a capella song about frikadellen (google that!). Besides this ep, they recorded some songs for the 'Rock Against' lp. After that, they faded away from the punk scene and I do not think they went on in other bands. I have fond memories of them playing at the rock against religion festival in Utrecht, in one of the cellars close to the town hall. Seein Red covered two songs of them over the years: Godsdienstwaanzin on the split with MK Ultra en Ouwe Lullen Tango on the anniversary ep. There is some live footage on youtube here

Bizon Kidz ep

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Dan zei

heb jij toevallig nog foto's van de bizkids? ben bezig met wat moois maar ik zoek nog een foto van Annegreet,heb wel wat foto's maar niet eentje die ik kan gebruiken voor een hoesje
zou kij je archief eens kunnen checken???

grrr Dan

distortiontodeafness zei

Ha Danny
Helaas heb ik geen fotomateriaal van de Bizkids, sorry

Anoniem zei

Ben op zoek naar Meetje' het meisje dat je noemt in je blog en in Amerafoort woonde. Weet iemand waar ik haar kan vinden?