donderdag 29 april 2010

APRIL 30 1980

On April 30, people in the Netherlands celebrate the queens birthday.
April 30th 1980 was the day Beatrix got installed as queen of the Netherlands. The squatting movement was at it’s peak and there was a call for revolt. No Housing-No Crowning was the slogan at that time and people from all over the Netherlands were urged to come over to Amsterdam to protest and riot. Protest against the waste of money spilled on this installment while there was housing shortage going on.
And a riot it turned out to be indeed. I was at home and saw the live footage on television, if I remember right, it was planned to go to Amsterdam later that day, because there was a punk festival planned somewhere. I never made it there.
Lots of punk bands were inspired to write songs about squatting, rioting, the royal family and police in general. In the download link you’ll find a compilation dedicated to april 30th 1980.

01 Bizon Kidz – Beatrix
02 Idijotz – Police Dept
03 Megafoons – Nix geen Trix
04 Nitwitz – He was ok
05 Vacuum – Rel
06 Infexion – Dumb Dumb Cop
07 De Straks – Koningin
08 Lärm - Oh Beatrix
09 Riot – Riot Punx
10 Laitz – Join the Police
11 Neo Pogos – Beatrix
12 Nixe – I Love The Cops
13 Scoundrels – Fuck The Queen
14 Bloedbad – Oranje Boven
15 BVD – Look Out The Cops
16 The Filth – Don’t Hide Your Hate
17 Jesus and the Gospelfuckers – Kill The Police
18 Lullabies – Cops In The Street
19 Lullabies – I Hate Cops
20 Mets – I Hate Bloody Coppers
21 Neuroot – Police Provocation
22 Rapers – Police Is Rotten
23 Squits – Cops In The Street
24 The Ex – Squatsong
25 The Squats – Fuck The Queen

APRIL 30 1980

vrijdag 23 april 2010

The Filth - demos

Thanks to Jeroen Vedder [Co-author of ‘Het gejuich was massaal’] I am able to present you some demo recordings by The Filth, a punk band hailing from Amsterdam. They released one of the best early Dutch punk records, the ‘Don’t hide your hate’ ep. Yet again a very much sought after Dutch punk record.
These demo recordings vary in quality, 19 songs in total, some doubles [including the hits].
The Filth sort of re-grouped if I am right, at least they re-recorded some stuff that was available for download a while back. Those recordings were very weak compared to the raw recordings of their ep, opinions may differ though. They have their own website and myspace, where you can listen to some ‘previews’ of re-recorded stuff. The website also has information on how the band started and how they developed.

No track list for the demo this time, sorry.
The Filth - 19 demo tracks

maandag 5 april 2010


In a series of 4, here's the first part: live in No Name, Amsterdam 1979. Only 3 songs unfortunately, the quality is pretty good. When the singer introduces the band, you hear a girl shouting: 'Yeah we already know who you are'! So it's obvious that 'shut up and play' already existed in 1979......

1-Jesus is the Drug
3-I Hate School

Jesus And The Gospelfuckers live @ No Name, Amsterdam 1979