vrijdag 23 april 2010

The Filth - demos

Thanks to Jeroen Vedder [Co-author of ‘Het gejuich was massaal’] I am able to present you some demo recordings by The Filth, a punk band hailing from Amsterdam. They released one of the best early Dutch punk records, the ‘Don’t hide your hate’ ep. Yet again a very much sought after Dutch punk record.
These demo recordings vary in quality, 19 songs in total, some doubles [including the hits].
The Filth sort of re-grouped if I am right, at least they re-recorded some stuff that was available for download a while back. Those recordings were very weak compared to the raw recordings of their ep, opinions may differ though. They have their own website and myspace, where you can listen to some ‘previews’ of re-recorded stuff. The website also has information on how the band started and how they developed.

No track list for the demo this time, sorry.
The Filth - 19 demo tracks

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vile76 zei


Thanks a lot for this post. It's great !

It was very interesting to listen to tracks 03 + 17 "Nothing for me", track 12 "Sex" (It's my fave from their great 7") and track 08 "Don't hide your hate". Thoses versions are very different but as interesting as the originals to listen to.

The others tracks are very good too and I'll listen to them again and again as I just discovered them (Somes seems to be as great as "Sex" was...).

This is exactly the recordings I am after, so thanks again...


R. zei

Hier is de tracklist:
01 Nazi’s Over The Hospitals
02 Move In To Fight
03 Nothing For Me
04 So Damned Closed
05 Can’t Stand
06 In Her Home
07 Sex
08 Don't Hide Your Hate
09 Obligations
10 Someone Like You
11 S.C.R.C.
12 Sex
13 S.C.R.C.
14 I Don't Know Why
15 Move To Fight
16 Nothing For Me
17 So Damned Closed
18 Can’t Stand
19 In Her Home

Anoniem zei

Please note that the correct Filth website is www.thefilth.info as this link above no longer exists