zondag 7 februari 2010

The Rapers - demo

Amsterdam had Jesus and the Gospelfuckers, Utrecht had Noxious and The Rapers......Big fans of local football club FC Utrecht, these guys represented the more obnoxious part of the Utreg Punx scene. We went to see them once and when we entered the venue, one of them immediately came up to me and asked me if I was from Amsterdam [due to the fact I had ‘Nitwitz’ on the back of my leather jacket]. When I responded: ‘No I am from Amersfoort’ he told me it was o.k. because he hated Ajax and people from Amsterdam in general, but Amersfoort was good, after all we used to have a premium league football team too..... I also got lot of questions for wearing a ‘Rapers’ pin lateron, they were not the most loved band in Utrecht I guess. They did an ep which has the worst sound quality ever but they also recorded 4 song for the ‘7,50’ compilation album and they are recorded well and are also really good songs,I got this demo through Jeroen Vedder [known for the book ‘Het gejuich was massaal’], it was part of the treasure bag I picked up yesterday.These seven songs are recorded much better than the ep and some of them are unreleased. This must have been recorded in 1980 or so.Enjoy the tracks!

2-anti christ
3-disco is dood
4-fascist cops
5-vonhoff is rot
6-i hate you
8-rules are for fools

Rapers demo

2 opmerkingen:

vile76 zei

Their 7" has got an horrible sound quality, so thanks for posting this session.

I likeD this band, it was so PUNK and their songs were too short to be boring, LOL !!!

Anoniem zei

Still have this ep. GREAT!! Unfortunatly can't listen to the demo, because of megaupload is taken off from the internet.
Great blog btw.