maandag 1 februari 2010

Mornington Crescent - cassette

"Faster than the Dickies, cheaper than Albert Heyn, more shocking than Dallas"

Named after a London tube station, Mornington Crescent hailed from Amsterdam. Most people will know them because of their ‘Greetings from Amsterdam’ ep, which is a killer record and highly collectable like many other Dutch stuff from the eighties.This tape is different from the ep, two singers and a much more punk approach than the ep has. They mix english with dutch lyrics on this tape, but I can’t find the booklet anymore, so there’s not much to say about the lyrics, sorry.
I might even prefer the tape over the ep to be honest, especially after listening to it for a couple of times in the past week. I swear that the song ‘Healthfood’ had the chords from Sweet’s ‘Blockbuster’ as an intro, and the song ‘Anti-Pasti’ starts off very similar to Anti-Pasti’s ‘No Government’. But hey, name me one punk band that did not borrow chords from other songs!Their discography is as follows:

- cassette
- greetings from Amsterdam ep
- one track on the Chainsaw flexi [possession, taken off their ep]

Gummo Punx records from Amsterdam has released Mornington Crescents discography a while back and it is well worth tracking down. Including the tape and the ep as well as the ep in a different mix. Tracklist:
1. Wals
2. Government’s planning
3. Healthfood
4. I’m so happy
5. Deze niet
6. The bomb
7. Break
8. Anti-Pasti
9. I [It’s me]
10. Filth
11. Handen wassen

Mornington Crescent tape Mornington Crescent tape booklet

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Anoniem zei

Ha, no we don't know each other. I meant to say "Jos???" as in "Jos from Larm???" I did write you on myspace years ago making very small short talk (I own the Stanx split...bought it 15-16 years ago for 40 bucks, dead mint). Cheers.

vile76 zei

I liked this band too. Their 7" is good but I prefer a lot this tape.

Do you have anything unereleased materials by them such as early practices ??

Emile zei

Hey guys,

Incredible, way over expiration date, believe it or not ... but the band is very soon going to release an LP with all songs from tape and EP including a first mix and some never released songs!!!

Watch or follow us on Twitter!!

Regards, Emile