woensdag 27 januari 2010


It might see as if I am skipping quite some years in this blog, but this tape is ripped on request.
This is a split tape released in the late 80’s.Winterswijx Chaos Front was recorded live @ De Buze in Steenwijk, The Netherlands. This venue use to be one of the hardcore centers in Holland, well known for it’s festivals where the ‘crême de la crême’ of the Dutch hardcore bands used to play. I have attended many of them as guest, but also as band member. Lärm used to play at a lot of these festivals. Back to WCF now, they did one ep with 6 tracks which was recently re-released by ‘Noise and Distortion’ from Belgium. We used to play together with them a lot and I still have fond memories of those gigs. Often they were a lot of fun and sometimes very scary, for example when we played Emmen together and the local bikergang paid a visit to the venue whilst WCF were playing and the singer got beat up quite bad. I run into the singer every now and then nowadays, too bad he ended up as a junk, he was using loads of drugs when he was in the band, but things went downhill fast after they split up. There’s some liner notes on the re-release by Ronald, the guitar player and I believe he is the only one active in a band still. These recordings are not their best, I will upload one or two other live sets sometime soon which capture them better, fast, raw and with good speeches by the singer.I do not know a lot about MAD RATS. I think they hail from the Venlo area, but call themselves HAR D.C. ORE as you can see on the tape cover and their logo is obviously a Minor Threat rip-off. This was recorded in another legendary venue called ‘Chi Chi Club’ in Winterswijk, close to the German border. That’s the venue where I dropped the edge, in case that might interest you. WCF is to be continued........

Winterswijx Chaos Front side Mad Rats side

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Anoniem zei


Anoniem zei

And my OTHER post didn't post! Basically I said Jan/Agathocles turned me on to WCF, Jetset, Bloedbad etc a few years ago...and it's great to hear THIS tape!!!

jos zei

Yes Sean, apparantly we know eachother?

vile76 zei

Thanks a lot for this tape, I didn't know it was a split tape with MAD RATS. By now, I do have MAD RATS side and it's thanks to you.

One million thanks again for your great blog.

Robin Strike First zei

Ey Jos,

Tape komt me bekend voor :) ik ben nog steeds blij met mijn cro-mags 10"
Maar mad rats komen volgens mij uit winterswijk. Hun bassist was Patrick die later in disabuse speelde en nu met Ronald in Crawfish speelt.

Gr Robin Strke First

Anoniem zei

WCF is 2 mei 2015 weer te zien in
Ulft op het Oerfest