maandag 18 januari 2010

Art In Revolution

In the early 80's the Rondos inspired many [young] punks to start their own band. Art In Revolution was one of them. They were from Voorburg, close to The Hague in the Netherlands. The average age of the band members was 15 and all of them were still at school. These recordings were done by a Dutch radio station 'VPRO' who did broadcast a lot of punk on their friday evening show as well as on TV on sundays. Art In Revolution never released a demo or a record. There are some live recordings though and this session especially is really good. I remember being at home on this friday evening, the cassette deck ready to record and I was simply blown away by this band. I only read about them in the fanzine 'Raket', which was compiled by members of the Red Rock Collective [Rondos were part of that as well]. After their live set was over, I took my white marker and tagged my leather jacket with the band name. Instant fan? Yes! Unfortunately I never got to see them live, but this tape has been treasured for sure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do.

1-I saw the hippies in Auschwitz
2-Sid Vicious R.I.P.
4-Knock / Product of the system
5-London's buying your crap
6-Punk on the radio
7-Chemical Warfare
8-Art in Revolution
9-Interview [in Dutch]

Art In Revolution live in Delft

here's an addition that was sent to me by the singer Tony, thanks for that!

25 years of air conditioning

Art In Revolution - The Magazine

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the wizard zei

I assure you that if i had a leather jacket, it would read ART IN REVOLUTION when I left the house tomorrow. Such a great fucking way to start your blog, I am completely sold. Cheers!!

Toxik Boys zei

Thanks for this rare stuff.

vile76 zei

There's anything else available by them with a lot more songs (Around 20...). It has been available on soulseek in the beginnings, I saved it in my pc. Just ask about if you didn't find it...

roel zei

Te gek dit! Ik had ooit een button van ze (kwijtgeraakt..), maar nog nooit gehoord..thanx Jos!