zaterdag 23 januari 2010


Apparently Google approved my blog, because the warning is gone, nice.........
So what's to expect in the coming weeks? I am ripping tapes to mp3 from the following bands:
-Winterswijx Chaos Front
-Hollands Glorie
-Rock Against Religion festival
-Jesus and the Gospelfuckers live recordings
-Jetset tapes
-Black Vampire demo
-various compilation tapes
-A4 demo
-NRA demo [not the NRA from Amsterdam!]
-and plenty more
I have a large archive of bands recorded live at the squats we used to have overhere and ofcourse the demos of the bands i used to be in, stay tuned.
In the meantime, enjoy BVD......... [Photo from the book 'Het gejuich was massaal']

Like I said in the Art In Revolution post, Dutch radio station VPRO did transmit some good live stuff in the early eighties. In one of the tape boxes I discovered the radio/live set done by a band called BVD [this stands for Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst, BVD=CIA]. BVD hailed from the Hague and released one 7" ep called 'Country of Liberty' That ep contains 5 songs and two of these are included on this live set. It contains 7 songs and quality is pretty good. Members of BVD started the band 'Hollands Glorie' after they broke up. Like many bands in that time, they were pretty shortlived. If people want to, I can upload the ep some other time, just let me know.
I have not tracklist to this set except for 4 songs:
1-White Power
2-Fong Leng [I am not 100% sure this is the title]
3-Take it by force

BVD live on VPRO radio

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Jeroen Vedder zei

Ga zo door Jos! Ergens ver weg heb ik dit ook allemaal op tape, maar het is fijn om het zo eenvoudig naar de iPod te kunnen sturen. Van Oorkussen heb ik ook nog de Rakketax (1ste bezetting) Hi-Jinx en Red Hulk. Heb er zelf geen tijd voor, maar als jij e.e.a. online wil zetten. Be my guest...

distortiontodeafness zei

Prima Jeroen, zal ik het eens oppikken in Plato?

GraemeSTL zei

Hey, this is pretty good quality live shit! I've heard that their E.P. wasn't recorded very well, but still, I'd love to hear it (oh, and also the SHITH 7")!

Anthony Blokdijk zei

Country of Liberty EP!

Anthony Blokdijk zei

Jammer dat megaupload nog steeds geblokkeerd is. Misschien kan je de VPRO opname op posten?