donderdag 11 november 2010


Die (German for 'the')Kripos were a band from Arnhem, a small city in the east of the Netherlands, close to the German border. The most well known 80’s band from that city is probably Neuroot.
There was quite a large punkscene in Arnhem and most activities took place in a venue called ‘Stokvishal’. I have seen quite some bands overthere together with Paul and Olav and other punks from our area. One time we went to see the UK SUBS overthere and this was when they had just released their Crash Course lp. A mindblowing gig it was, we pogo-ed from the start till the end of the gig and decided we would go see them in Amsterdam again.
At that gig, Die Kripos were the support band. Apparently most punks came to see the UK SUBS, because they ddi not really get a lot of response and/our positive support. I remember that their singer wanted to make an impressive entrance on stage, but nearly tripped....
They recorded one ep, with two songs: Canera Security and Action Girl. A lot of their ep’s wee sold without the cover, my copy doesn’t have one either. It is an ok ep, not really a milestone. Their demo though has better songs and you can understand better why the UK SUBS were a big influence on them. You’ll also find a live set with a really long intro.


live set

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