woensdag 11 augustus 2010


Holidays seemed to be the best time to upload a lot of stuff. Well, I did not do that because I did not feel like spending a lot of time inside this summer. So after a big break, here’s another blog.

In 1980/1981, Paul, Olav, Alex and myself travelled a lot to see punk bands play. Utrecht was a city that we visited often and sometimes more obscure places like Nunspeet and Ermelo. Amsterdam was a city that offered a lot of gigs for punk bands, international and national ones. Sometimes these gigs were organised in odd places and I remember a sunday afternoon when the 4 of us went to a part of Amsterdam called ‘De Bijlmer’. In this area of Amsterdam most of the inhabitants had their roots in Suriname and not many other people wanted to live there for either that reason or another. It was also considered a not so safe neighborhood, at least that’s what people from our area said. That particular sunday afternoon, there was a festival in a Parking Space underneath a small shopping mall if I am correct. The bands that I remember playing were The Ex, Nitwitz, World War Rockers and Bizkids. There were more bands playing but I forgot their names. The Ex just released their first ep as did The Nitwitz, so we knew those bands already. The World War Rockers were quite a raw band (listening to their recordings lateron I still wonder wether my ears were damaged at that time or not) and The Bizkids. The singer for the Nitwitz kept talking about disco fighting gangs in between the songs, so we were getting scared a bit, but nothin happened.
The Bizkids (note: not the Bizon Kidz!!) were one of the many band that were fronted by a female vocalist. They certainly fitted more in the melodic part of punk and were really enjoyable. There is not much information I can give you besides the fact that they contributed 2 songs to the Parkhof compilation lp and did a tv session for the VARA (labour television network).(I corrected this part, because the Bizkids drummer left a comment that it was a tv session, not a radio one)
In the file attached, you’ll find the two songs from that compilation as well as the radio session.
They are also featured on the dvd that was put out by Geurt, former drummer of The Ex. A small preview can be found on the following website: ALS JE HAAR MAAR GOED ZAT
I think the dvd itself is sold out.

01 OPB (Live @ Parkhof, Alkmaar)
02 VIPS (Live @ Parkhof, Alkmaar)
03 SECRET (Live @ VARA tv)
04 VIPS (Live @ VARA tv)
06 ADVERTISE (Live @ VARA tv)
07 CAPTIVITY (Live @ VARA tv)
08 SHOOT (Live @ VARA tv)


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Niels zei

Jos, great to see you're back!
Wasn't that actually a TV session? I vaguely remember VARA having some sort of punk TV program on my 15th birthday; I clearly remember my grandad watching it in disgust!
Didn't the guys from Darryl-Ann have a punk band going in Ermelo? Forgot the name...

jos zei

I am not sure if it is radio or tv, but maybe you were right. I will ask an old friend of mine about that Daryl Ann punk thing. There was a band in Harderwijk called The Identicals. One of the band members worked at the same place where I did some holiday work

Dan zei

hey Jos,
Geurt told me,people can also visit the amsterdam music museum and for a few bucks they copy the footage too,dvd is sold out for awhile now...didnt knew there was a museum ha ha but cool! def need to pay visit in the near future
and you should post some amersfoort hardcore/punk history if you can find the time,would love to read some stuff about the kippenhok etc
even my old mom would like to know how the church looked at the time it was a squat,she grow up near by so hope you can dig up something,would be cool!
take care

Ank zei

Hello Jos,
With the Bizkids we supported Herman Brood in the TV-show 'De Vrolijke Krisis' (VARA). So it's a televisionsession (not radio). The Brood-performance is now released on dvd.
Greets Henk, former Bizkids drummer.

O.F. zei


Het bestand is niet meer te downloaden. Kun je hem nog een keer uploaden?

GraemeSTL zei

Link has 10 download limit and is now dead. Any chance of a re-up please?

roel zei

Shit ja, Jos, kun je dit nog een keer plaatsen? Ik heb die opnames op een bandje, opgenomen met de kassetterecorder naast de tv, maar aan het einde van de tape, waardoor de muziek vreselijk vervormd klinkt. En zoals je in m'n boekie hebt kunnen lezen waren de Bizkids de allereerste punkband die ik hoorde oefenen...dus please, gooi het er nog een keertje op!!

distortiontodeafness zei

Fixed the dead link and corrected the 'radio' part. Cheers to Henk for pointing that out to me

roel zei

Yes! Dank!

Maritza zei

Als je het op prijs stelt kan ik je nog wel wat bizkids dingetjes bezorgen (mail, dropbox. post)
Wil je nog iets specifieks? Mail me dan maar effe.
Greets Bizkids drummie Ank, still a metalhead

Anoniem zei

Thanks very much for this awesome music from a great band!!! Your entire site is incredible!!