maandag 10 mei 2010

Punk live in Brouwershoek

Last weekend we went to Leeuwarden for a couple of days. Gerard had never been there before and I have only been there for work purposes. On the internet I found a recordstore called ‘King Kong Records’. A great store indeed and amongst other records, I found a good copy of the ‘One Way, Subway!’ 12”. The owner told me that the guy who released that record had a cd/dvd shop across the street and he might even sell some vinyl too. Ofcourse we went over to that store and I asked the owner if he was responsible for releasing the Subway 12”. He said he was and immediately grabbed a brandnew copy of the compilation lp ‘Punk, Live in Brouwershoeck’. Stupidly enough I asked him if he had any idea how much that record would be worth nowadays. He immediately took away the copy and there was no further discussion possible, I was marked as someone who made money by selling punk records.
Anyaways, it was rather interesting to talk to him about the early days of Dutch punk. He had stories about the Speedtwins, Panic and more early Dutch punk bands. He also explained why the label 1000 idioten is called 1000 idioten (1000 idiots). The guy who owned that label thought that would be 1000 idiots stupid enough to buy his releases.
According to the owner (Wobbe) he had 12.000 records stored in boxes in the back of his shop, but he could not be bothered to unpack them. Semi not caring, he then grabbed a Beatles record from one of the shelves behind the counter and showed it to me. Apparently it was reeleased on a very obscure label in the 60’s in the USA when no one overthere cared about the Beatles. He also mentioned that he had the original golden record for Never Mind The Bollocks and tod us about the Speedtwins/Sex Pistols gig in Leeuwarden. ( I am not even sure if they ever played there).
2 days later we were at another record store in Leeuwarden and that owner told us not to take all of Wobbe’s stories that seriously. It seemed that he always showed the same records to customers and tells the same stories. I hope he will reply to the email I just sent him and that he gets me a yellow vinyl copy of the Speedtwins lp.
The Live in Brouwershoek is a rather weird compilation, there have been other blogs about it already, for instance on 1000 aspirines and there’s wuite some information (in Dutch) on the site of the Frisian Pop Foundation. The picture is taken from the 1000 apspirines blog too, my copy is a coloured one, or is the photo just in black and white?
A1 chops - wodka
A2 chops - the world we live in
A3 chops - doomed to masturbate
A4 murder inc - why
A5 malicious damage - dope ain't anything for me
A6 malicious damage - viva fryslan
A7 spoiled sperm - i'm bored
A8 spoiled sperm - no way out
A9 the t-shirts - go away
A10 pin baskets - does it matter
A11 pin baskets - hate and fear
A12 mortal remains – secluded
B1 captain sensible - children of the damned
B2 captain sensible - jet boy, jet girl
B3 the outtakes - when you're young
B4 the outtakes - working for the yankee dollar
B5 the outtakes - money
B6 the outtakes - cars
B7 the outtakes - are friends electric


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the wizard zei

That's a great tale - I can imagine you trying to quickly shove your foot in your mouth as he was putting that copy of
'Live in Brouwerschoeck" back behind the counter!
Thanks for another great DL...

bart zei

hoi jos, die van mij is inderdaad zwart/wit, kijk maar naar de bruine tafel op de foto. toffe blog!