woensdag 5 mei 2010

The Squats - Demo

The Squats were a punkband from Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands. They produced the ‘Chaos in Nijmegen’ ep, which is a very valuable collectors item nowadays and also a demo. I am putting that demo up for download. Recorded in 1980, they deliver 17 songs, includinga cover of Sham 69 and one of The Cockney Rejects. That should give you a clue on their biggest influences, indeed UK (oi!) punk.
Their reputation was not that good, they call themselves ‘obnoxious’ on their own website and I guess that is pretty accurate indeed. Their following was rather dodgy at times as well, punks and skins from the Arnhem/Nijmegen area were not very nice most of the times (not trying to generalize here) and I personally had a ‘nice’ encounter with some skins at a Neo Pogo’s gig in that area. Paul and myself have never ever runned faster than that evening.
Back to the band, they existed from 1979 till 1982 and,as many other punk bands, they consisted of bored teenagers, dropped out of school or unemployed, too much time on their hands and too much boredom as well.
Long after they had split up, I remember their singer coming up to us at a Lärm gig and accusing us of destroying all what punk was about, simply because we were Straight Edge and dressed in a different way than a lot of other punks at that time (In your non conformity you are so fucking conform!). Well, shit happens eh?
Their demo was self released on their own ‘Nep en Bedrog’ label. Enjoy it!
Photo taken from the official Squats website, where you can download their ep as well as a live set. Squats website
1: Stupid students
2: I'm on the dole
3: Disco victims
4: Stress
5: Land of hope and glory
6: Pistols swindle
7: Don't listen to the fascists
8: Holidays in spain
9: We hate school
10: They don't understand
11: Nijmegen city
12: Doomed generation
13: Kotsen na het zuipen
14: Military insanity
15: Fuck the queen
16: Hippies are through in '82
17: Greatest cockney rip off

Squats demo

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vile76 zei


Thanks a lot for ripping this demo.

It was available a long time ago on the net and here, your ripp has got a different sound quality... It's not really better but it's different.

Whatever, it's very interesting to listen to it again...

Bye and take care, HERVE (VILE76).