zaterdag 27 maart 2010


Pandemonium is one of the best hardcore bands from the Netherlands ever. Maybe even one of the world’s best.
They managed to combine politics with sarcasm and some kick ass music. Three things that sum up hardcore for me.
I have ripped their second output: the ‘Pandemonium Affaire’ tape. 19 tracks in total.
First time I saw them live was at ‘Wijers Squat’ where they opened for MDC when they toured for the second time. The members of Pandemonium did not look like the average punk at that time, no leather jackets full of studs and band names and no spikey hair either. They could have been MDC’s younger brothers.
They blew a lot of people away that evening and it was the first of many other times I saw them and we played a few times together as well. Lärm even was a back up choir during the gig that was recorded for the ‘Are you the one...’ tape.
They are responsible for the hardcore anthem: ‘Wir fahren gegen Nazi’s’ which was accurate at the time it was written and it still is. Pandemonium for sure was one of the more intelligent bands at that time. Quite a lot of their songs are written in German, I think that’s because they live really close to the German border.
After this tape they recorded various records which are sought after as originals, but some of them have been re-released on vinyl by Noise and Distortion records and a cd discography [including live video] has been released on Coalition records.
I met Peter [singer] last year in Venlo when we played there with Seein Red. It was nice to meet him again, he still is the clever guy he used to be, well spoken and never a loud mouth. He does poetry now, has written books and just released his first spoken word cd. His website is: there’s also a link to Pandemonium there, with a bio and discography. The photo I used is from that site too, taken at a squat in Andoain, Basque Country, where they played the night before Lärm did. A few of us are in the crowd.

Enjoy the tape

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vile76 zei

This demo tape is one of the best recordings never released from dutch in my opinion.

You ripped the "true" tape version and that's an incredible chance for peoples to get this recordings available by now... Unfortunatly nobody thanks you here or maybe nobody realized what you ripped here as , this entire version was impossible to find before...

I do have a "homemade" (remix) version (Also from the original tape), it's maybe a little upgraded sound quality...

Do you want it ??

Also, I do have another tape source with 7 songs by this band (Last song is cut). Nobody is able to give me serious infos about them.

Do you want this session ??

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