dinsdag 30 maart 2010


When The Sextons came to an end, Paul, Olav and myself wanted to continue in a band. Around that time two friends of mine from Achterveld [Dorien and Berletta] became interested in punk as well and wanted to sing in a band. We got to know two guys from Barneveld, named Patrick and Dick. Dick happened to have a bass guitar and Patrick a guitar as well as an amp. The 7 of us started a band called ‘Razzias’ and started to rehearse at my parents barn. This band never really produce anything and at a certain point Patrick got fed up with it and left us.
The remaining 6 started a band called ‘Disturbers’ and this was a bit more serious. We recorded a tape at the practise space and were even meant to do a gig in a squat in Hilversum. This never happened due to the fact that the squat was under attack of the local ‘Disco Jugend’, at least, that is what they told us.
The line up for the Disturbers is as follows:
Olav / Drums, Paul / Guitar, Dick / Bass, Dorien / Vocals, Berletta / Vocals, Jos / Vocals [and bass on Disco Jugend].
For some reason Dick did not like me that much and it appeared that he tried to convince Paul and Olav to kick me out of the band. I found out about this when we attended a NIXE gig and Dick was not there.
End result was that he was kicked out and that was the end of the Disturbers, but not the end of us being in a band together!
To be continued!
01-KZ Syndroom
02-Disco is a Ghetto
03-Anti Nazi
05-Dead Soldiers
06-De Burgerij
07-Religion Sucks
08-Disco Jugend
09-AMZK [Alle ME-ers Zijn Klootzakken]
10-Religie Waanzin


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