woensdag 31 maart 2010


Being punks from a smaller city, we were used to people frowning their eyebrows as we passed by in our studded jackets and spiked hair. For Amersfoort standards we surely were hardcore punks and in the small town where I lived, we even got chased out of town when Paul and Olav first came to visit. The idiots were well shocked when it turned out we had pipes etc. as a defence, that learned the fuckers a lesson for sure!
Every now and then we took the train to Amsterdam to buy records, pins, studs, wristbands, belts, etc. etc. All to complete our punk looks.
One of the places that sold this kind of stuff was the Waterloo square flea market. One particular day we were walking on that market when we came across a small group of punks, leather jackets, homemade anti-John Travolta shirts, looking mean and dirty. In a sneering way they asked us if we were ‘real punks’ and then bursted out in laughing. We felt as if someone just poured ice cold water over us and did not say anything at all. A year later [or maybe a bit more] I saw one of them sitting in the local record store in Amersfoort. It turned out to be Tos, who played second guitar on the famous demo. He worked in the Amersfoort post office. Tos is a great guy, not like the mean punk he used to be any longer and right now he sometimes joins SUNN O))) on keyboards.
Back to these recordings, I got them from Kees Smit, webmaster of nederpunk.punt.nl which seems to be the gathering place for old Dutch punks and yes, quite a few are even older than I am hahahahaha.
These 10 songs were recorded in the practice space in Haarlem. Right now I have no song titles, maybe they will follow later.
This is far more punkrock than their later stuff. I will post more on the Gospelfuckers some other time, I have 3-4 pretty good live sets by them and ofcourse more stories.
Image taken from nederpunk.punt.nl

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vile76 zei

I need more infos about tons of dutch materials I do have...

About them, I do have several things from very old tapes from tape trading.

Is there any possibilities to get your email adress, I'll send some pictures of what I do have, maybe you'll help me to determinate what is it exactly.

Also, I do have two early sessions (Certainly form DUTCH) that I can't recognize (Both have more than 10 songs each). You're maybe one of the only guy able to help me as you certainly know everything from DUTCH due to your past.

I'd like to post them for you...

Niels zei

Ha ha, great story... Tos worked at the Volendam post office too for a short while, years before I got to know him. I remember my mom came home all amazed saying "there's a punker working at the post office!"

Sndr zei

1. Society
2. Jesus is the Drug
3. Messed-up Mind
4. I Hate School
5. Deutschland
6. Commercial
7. Money
8. Haha Holland
9. Neuken
10. Unemployment

Kjelli zei

Met Tos this weekend, got a small but nice chat with him about dutch punk esp J&GF and Funeral Oration