zaterdag 27 maart 2010


Back in the days I remember that I was not really into this band. I’ve been trying to recall the reason why, but that is not an easy task. Maybe it was because they suffered from the ‘Amsterdam attitude’ at the time, which meant being rather arrogant to others who were not from that city. Who knows?
Fact is that they accused Lärm for ‘spoiling the market’[as if there ever was a market for hardcore punk at that time hahahaha]. Just because we played for expenses only and they asked more than that, venues asked us to play more often I guess.
Let’s bury the past and focus on their demo tape ‘6 met’.
It contains 6 songs, recorded at the Oktopus studio in Amsterdam and this was their second line up. These 6 songs are really good ones, lyrics in Dutch and they have stand the test of time for sure. Though the ‘Sesame Street’ song is pretty lame lyricwise.
This tape got re-issued on a digital downloadable album that contains this tape, compilation tracks and unreleased live stuff. The same goes for their lp ‘Veel, vet, goor en duur’. Both availble from
In the zip file, I have enclosed the booklet and the cover as well.


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theun zei

nu spoil you the market al weer, met je gratis down load! grthn