woensdag 16 maart 2011


In one of the first posts I uploaded the Winterswijx Chaos Front / Mad Rats split tape and promised that WCF was to be continued.
Here's a live recording by them from 1985 in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands. As you will hear, WCF did some really fine songwriting and it is really too bad that a lot of their songs never had a proper release.
These live recordings capture them exactly the way I remember them to be when I saw them back in the day, raw, fast and with some sarcastic statements every now and then by the singer Victor. Cynism might also be a good description for that guy's statements.
One time we played together in Belgium and when they started the song 'Kanker Tyfus Teringzooi', Victor handed me the mike and asked me to sing that song instead of him. The photo above is from that gig. That song is about being depressive and searching for answers in hard drugs. Too bad that he fell for that himself a couple of years after that. I run into him every now and then overhere and when I saw him last he told me he was clean again. I sincerely hope he can stay that way. He for sure deserves it.
Like I said in the earlier post, I have many fond memories of the times we played together. WCF were a bunch of nice and intelligent guys who really did their own thing and were partly responsible for many great festivals in the CHI CHI Club in Winterswijk.

winterswijx chaos front live in haaksbergen

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