vrijdag 4 maart 2011


I know it has been a while since the last post on this blog but I had some other stuff to deal with. So here's a bunch of new stuff all at once, enjoy it!
Starting off with the Asperitys from Leusden today. When we moved to a practise space in Amersfoort, we were the only punk band at that time. We got loads of shit from the other bands who did not understand what we were doing and just called it noise. For us that was a compliment.
After a while there were two more punkbands practising there: The Puke and The Asperitys. Most of the band members lived in a nearby village called Leusden and for us they were the second wave of punks in Amersfoort. We're talking 1982 now. At that time we were called Total Chaoz and the walls of the practise spaces started to be covered in more and more punk related graffitti. Nice one, especially because the rockbands got more and more pissed off.
At one point we set up a meeting with the people from the Puke and the Asperitys to get to know eachother better and that resulted in our very first tape release: 'Van U Wil Ik Zingen', which was a compilation of the Punke, The Asperitys and Total Chaoz. All of them were a couple of years younger than we were.
The Puke were more of a skapunk band at that time and the Asperitys played mainly cver versions of the UK Subs, the Exploited, the Ramones and some other bands (they also did Eisbär by Grauzone). I guess they were influenced by our faster punk and when thay started to write their own songs, they speeded up for sure.And I guess we were to blame for that.
We asked them to be featured on the second edition of the Holland Hardcore compilation tape and they recorded a bunch of songs in the practise space we all used. I just listened to some songs and I think that Paul, Olav and myself were present when they recorded their set, because I can hear our youthfull voices doing backups on 'disco's'.
They got a new singer right before the Holland Hardcore songs were recorded, his name was Rob and he added a more hardcore feel to the band. After a while I think their drummer lost interest in hardcore punk and that was basically the end of the Asperitys. Other band members did not feel to start new bands, so that left (at that time already) Lärm to be the only band in Amersfoort. The Puke had already broke up a long time before that.
The Asperitys did only a few gigs, as far as I can recall I have seen them just two or three times.
The songs in the file are from the 'Van U Wil Ik Zingen' tape (track 1-12)and 'Holland Hardcore 2nd Attack' (track 13-21)
The photo shows you the bass player for the Asperitys on the right side, Paul on the left and yours truly in the middle. This photo is from a book on culture and was taken at a big anti-war demonstration in The Hague. We did look young for sure.
01 telephone numbers (UK Subs)
02 blitzkrieg bop (Ramones)
03 dead cities (Exploited)
04 de bommen vielen
05 bombblast (sample)
06 I am the leader (the Nixe)
07 tomorrows girls (UK Subs)
08 el salvador
09 ripper (Exploited)
10 blitzkrieg bop 2 (Ramones)
11 cop cars (Exploited)
12 Warhead (UK Subs)
13 rejects
14 hypocritical government
15 waarom
16 bad brain
17 they can kill me
18 laat je niet pakken
19 i hate football
20 human power
21 disco


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