donderdag 17 maart 2011

M.O.G. / Murder Inc.III split tape

I recall one guy always beeing upfront during the Lärm sets in Steenwijk. That was Jan, who was a member of Murder Inc. III, a hardcorepunk band from Heerenveen, in the north of the country. Years and years later (when I met him several times when we played a gig with either NRA or Human Alert, for whom he was doing the sound} I asked him if he really liked Lärm that much. His reply: 'No, but I really thought that your singer Dorien was one of the hottest females in punk'...........
Murder Inc. several line ups and the first one is featured on the 'Punk Live In Brouwershoek' compilation lp (to be found elsewhere on this blog). The 3rd line up is the most productive one, several tapes, a 12" and appearances on a bunch of compilation tapes and the famous 'Babylon bleibt fahren' and 'Emma' comp lp's.
In the Netherlands they're most well known for their song 'Stoer zonder studs' (Tough without studs), but more on that later when I will upload their 12".
They share this tape with a band from Leeuwarden called M.O.G., which stands for Muziekvereniging Ons Genoegen (translated it would be something like 'Our Pleasure Harmony'.
The singer for MOG did a zine and I remember he used to trade tapes with Paul a lot. He would show up at their doorstep unexpectedly and would crash at their house for a couple of days. MOG recorded two ep's and an lp and also appeared on several compilation tapes.
Both bands had a hard time getting gigs in their area, venues would boycott punk bands anyways and the cops would more than often show up to stop the gig, most of the times before the bands had even started.
On this split tape, both bands play raw and fast hardcore punk. Murder Inc III did record similar stuff for the 12" and MOG slowed down and became more melodic.
There's a story about the singer turning into a dodgy person lateron, but I have to check that, I can't remember exactly, maybe someone else knows the deal?
Anyways, enjoy the tape, more from both bands later.
M.O.G. // Murder Inc. III

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Anoniem zei

high a blast from da past !.ik, Koen(een lange slungel uut hengellooh zocht stoer zonder studs song toevallig-Google- et voila ! stumbled inhere, happily surprised though.
Her/kenn je avatar image vn een afstandje, we might have xchnged a few words here and there back in babylon,
hang in there, hang tight but don't forget to hang loose !
koen vinke,(B)oer punk