vrijdag 4 maart 2011


Quite some bands called themselves 'Blitzkrieg' back in the 80's and there was one in the Netherlands too.
The Dutch Blitzkrieg was from the Alkmaar area and while band like de Zweetkutten and CKN seemed to be leaning more towards the 'fun' part of punk (not meant in a bad way), Blitzkrieg was very political and had a strong anti-war stance, not unlike Crass for example. Their album (to be found in the download) is a mixture of fast hardcore with melodies and sometimes an almost military sound. Interesting for sure. Lyrics are in English and in Dutch (with one hell of an accent from that area!). The Dutch ones are really good, highly political and also cynical.
I must have seen them a couple of times and I remember that Dorien (Lärm) really had a crush on one of the band members. They were a really good live band as well.
Complete Disarmament is probably one of the few Dutch records that can be filed under peace punk (maybe even avant la lettre). For me it is one of the milestones of Dutch Hardcorepunk. The sample of an alarm clock ticking is a pretty brilliant idea, but it can also get on your nerves.
If anyone knows if there's earlier recordings of this band, please get in touch.
01 complete disarmament
02 system needs war
03 it's you
04 alles is tevergeefs
05 3,5 miljard idioten
06 dankbaar
07 ieder een taak
08 silly play
09 mannen en gaten
10 my life
11 whole world in flames
12 wat ben je dom
13 someone's gonna get their head kicked in
14 blind en doof
15 klein verschil
16 gut gut
17 val
18 twee revoluties
19 den haag vandaag
20 party punk


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madmohawk zei

Ja hoor. Ik heb hier een verzameltape liggen en die heet "bijna 2000 jaar geleden" waar Blitzkrieg 4 nummers op heeft. eentje belande op de lp de 3 andere niet. Deze nummers zijn trager dan de nummers op de lp. andere bands op de tape zijn gepopel,haemorrhoids,indirekt,nous,antidote, knakkerbrot en KO. Ben jij in het bezit van Belgische groepen, demo's, ...