maandag 12 september 2011


Rotterdam had the Red Rock collective: Rondos, Rode Wig, Sovjets and Tandstickörshocks. One of the very first gigs I went to together with Paul and Olav, was Tandstickörshocks, the Ex, Lullabies and one more band performing live in Utrecht. I think it was at a venue called Rasa. At that time punks liked all genres in punk and so people danced to the minimal music of Tandstickörshocks (as far as possible ofcourse). I remember the bandmembers trying to look mean, with their shaved heads and uniforms, but they did not came across that way at all. I honestly can't remember if I liked them or not, I know I enjoyed the Lullabies a lot.

During summertime it was possible to get a card called 'Tienertoer'. The card allowed you to travel by train all over the country for a week for something like 40 guilders. We travelled to the bigger cities to check out record stores and punk related stores (I recall travelling to The Hague because we knew Creepers were on sale there, when we got to the shoe store they only had smaller sizes left....). One of the trips took us to Rotterdam and we went to the 'Raketbasis'. That was the house where all members of the Red Rock collective lived, bands rehearsed and where they printed their zine called 'Raket'. When we arrived at the house, no one dared to ring the doorbell, simply because we did not know what to expect hahahaha. Punks from the countryside eh?
The door was opened by this student looking guy and I recognized him from the Tandstickörshocks gig in Utrecht, he was the singer. After buying some pins, a few records and zines, we left the house. No one in there even remotely looked punk! Damn, that was a shock indeed.
Only the Rondos and the Tandstickörshocks released vinyl, too bad the other bands did not. In the attached file you'll find the Tandstickörshocks ep and a couple of live song by them. Besides the ep, they have some songs on the 'Rotterdam Collection' compilation lp.

Years and years later there was a documentary about one of the band members: Pinkel. I tried to find that movie on the internet, but could not find it. If you search for 'Pinkel' on youtube, you'll find two short films starring him in a bar in Rotterdam.......


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