dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Tos N.

Yes, the blog is back. Sorry for the hiatus.

In one of the Gospelfuckers (he's on the left in the above picture) posts, I must have mentioned Tos. He joined them on guitar in the later line up and turned out to be one of the best Dutch guitarplayers. When he joined Funeral Oration, they made their best lp to date: Communion. His manic guitarplaying is all over the place, hectic as shit but yet melodic. Simply unmatched.
One of his later bands, Beaver did a reunion a while back during Roadburn festival. The room they played in was packed and they did not lose any power at all.
Tos plays with Sunn 0))) ever now and then too these days and for the rest of his time he fixes amps and is the nice guy he always has been.

The band he formed after Funeral Oration was called God. A 3piece that maybe was the prelude to what people later called grunge. They did two albums, the first one was ok, the second one has not even been on my record player.
Live.....well that is another story. A Massive powerhouse, even though it was just them 3. They also did a radio session for VPRO radio and in my opinion, it is the best recordings they ever did. Michael, the bassplayer also played bass in Agent Orange (according to the anonymous comment).
(Tos emailed me today about the second lp. He shares my feelings about that release.)
Not real old Dutch punk, but more of an hommage to Tos N.
6 tracks in total, enjoy!

GOD live @ VPRO Radio

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Dan zei

& goed om te je weer terug te zien!
hoop dat de oortjes weer op volle sterkte zijn ;-)
grrrr Dan

Anoniem zei

Ja, dat is dezelfde Michael.

aweirdmeanrat zei

wow, what a great guitar tone. i love the instrumental parts, could do without the singing but oh well. thanks for sharing this. maarten.

aweirdmeanrat zei

btw, tos is also mentioned in this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCwNLu3v40g which also appeared on the first foo fighters demo, no kiddin'!

Anoniem zei

Another little fun fact is that the drummer, Daan, was the son of famous photographer Ed vd Elske, who took the photo that was the cover of the first God album


Sndr zei

hi Jos,
mooi blog. ik hoop dat je eens in de zoveel tijd hebt om meer mooie platen en verhalen neer te zetten.

Even een vraag: heb je nog suggesties voor meer (Nederlandse en internationale) bands die in het volgende straatje passen:
- Jezus & the Gospelfuckers
- Agent Orange
- Funeral Oration - Communion LP
- Shotgun Solution
- Anti Cimex - Raped Ass EP
- ...

Ik denk dat je wel begrijpt welk geluid het ongeveer is...

muchas gracias!!