vrijdag 19 augustus 2011


Every city must have had one of those recordshops....... A shop that did not seem to have too much to offer when you walked by. Amersfoort had one of those shops too and I remember passing it on the way to something. I went inside to have a look and discovered a small section of punk singles. That section turned out te be a small goldmine, because I found most of the X Ray Spex singles, some UK Subs ones and a single by a band I had never heard of, called Mollesters. I bought it because the cover looked really punk. I am talking about 1978-1979 by the way. I purchased the records over a period of a couple of months because I was 14-15 at that time and did not have that much pocket money.
The Mollesters record is an instant classic, very basic 3 chord punk with snotty vocals. There's not too much I can tell you about this band and that is why I asked one of the members to write something about it himself. I will publish that as soon as I get it. Years later I found another copy of this record, but that got stolen by one of the visitors I have hosted over the years.
In the enclosed file, you'll find the single as well as 18 tracks that were recorded during a practise if I am correct, but maybe Pierre can enlighten us?
The photo was taken from their myspace, which has some unreleased tracks as well as live pictures.

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bat29 zei

Thanks for the Mollesters practice. This is great! I've posted a live Mollesters show on my blog a couple years ago for anyone interested here: http://noiseaddiction.blogspot.com/2010/10/mollesters-het-den-haag-1978.html