dinsdag 29 april 2014

the Trashbagz & Survival Squad

When pre-Lärm bands are mentioned, it is most of the times the bands that Paul, Olav and myself have been a part of. But let's not forget that Menno also used to be in a band before Lärm. He sang in a band called  Survival Squad and they hailed from the Hilversum area.
We got to know them through a Mutual friend (Rob) who either went to the same school as they did or at least knew people who did. I have no idea to be honest. All I know is that the Disturbers were meant to play together with these bands, but that gig got cancelled on the evening itself.
Rob started his own tape label (Chaotic Tapes) which was a thing a lot of punks used to do back in those days and his first release was a split tape by the Trashbagz and Survival Squad. I am not sure if there were other releases after this one. Rob went along to a lot of the Lärm gigs lateron and even sang for us when we were asked to play on a festival we attented and Menno was not there.
I do not know a lot about either of the bands, but if I am correct the Trashbagz were from Soest and as said before Survival Squad was from Hilversum. It is quite interesting to hear various styles mixed in both bands. Trashbagz play the mandatory ska song and Survival Squad try to speed up to hardcore punk at times but are very melodic on the other hand too.
Hopefully Menno can supply some additions to the bandhistories and maybe even some photos.
In the Survival Squad songs you'll find one track that made it to the Lärm set: 'Passive Punks' which is about punks not wanting to pogo. Hearing Menno's strong Cockney accent made me smile several times when I listened to this track. The only other band member I am sure of, is René, who went on singing for Echte Boter gvd. More on them later.
I won this tape on an Ebay auction last year. William from Funeral Oration was offering this tape and the proceeds went toward his son's pocketmoney (at least that is what he told me).
To be continued?

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