dinsdag 18 januari 2011


I already uploaded some video footage by Kotx, an old punk band from Rotterdam. André (from Hilversum) left a comment that he had more recordings by Kotx and here they are, 18 tracks in total.So thanks to André I am able to share them with you.
I only saw them live once, during Rotterdam New Pop, a free festival in, you guessed it... Rotterdam. We went there a couple of times and saw The Ramones, Undertones, Bad Manners, The Cure, Specials and more that I can't remember.
One of the editions had a special punk stage, Kotx played there as well as J Dops Band, Debiele Eenheid and the Neo Pogo's plus maybe more bands.
We only knew Neo Pogo's from the Utreg compilation lp and loved them for the raw and distorted sound they had. Hardcore Punk? I think so!
Back in the early eighties the skinhead movement became bigger and bigger and despite the fact that not all skins were nazis, most of them were full on assholes. So at this edition of New Pop the skins were there too, welcoming all punks that left the subway station with loads of sneering and, if the punks were smaller than them, intimidation and threatening. I mentioned this in the other post on Kotx I think.
Ofcourse it ended in a fight lateron, punks versus skins versus punks, it was a weird situation and a prelude of what was yet to happen at a lot of punk gigs where nazi skins would fuck shit up badly. You might guess I have never been a big Oi! fan and when two nazi skins killed two guys in the Netherlands (one of them being Kerwin Duinmeyer) it was just the final nail in the coffin.
Back to Kotx, the song in this file vary from upbeat obnoxious punk to more new wavey kind of stuff. The quality is pretty good and I am wondering if this was a demo or meant to be released on vinyl. Who knows? No tracklist either, except for the song 'before you go' that was also featured on the Rotterdam Spunk compilation lp. It also seems to be various recordings sessions, but maybe that's just my bad hearing?

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Anoniem zei

before he passed, Cor Kotx gave me their vinyl album Rotterdam Spunk

and then my colleague bar tender Hank stole it from me - never seen taht sob since!!

so if any one wants to sell their copy tht b gr8 - i'll check in!

Anoniem zei

Wie ben jij ? Ik ben Cor zn zusje