zondag 14 september 2014

Er is Hoop tapes: Van U Wil Ik Zingen

I have already written some stuff about the tape label we once had and because of a Facebook post last week, my friend Ralf suggested to upload this compilation tape we once did with 3 local bands from Amersfoort.

‘Van U Wil Ik Zingen’ Another Dutch basement tape from Er Is Hoop, this one featuring three bands. TOTAL CHAOZ is a methadrine thrash group with a female singer; the PUKE is a messy, unformed punk band; and the ASPERITYS are basic punksters that do too many covers. OK for a first effort, but all these amateurish outfits were recorded a bit prematurely.
-Jeff Bale (from Maximum Rocknroll #6, May/June 1983)

That’s how the first release on ‘Er Is Hoop’ tapes was reviewed in MRR.
When the Disturbers disbanded, Total Chaoz was the next band. At this time we found out there were more punk bands rehearsing at the same practise space and through graffitti, we started to make contact. Both the Puke and the Asperitys were not strictly from Amersfoort. members were from surrounding villages like Soest and Leusden too.
The Puke were more a ska band than straight on punk and the Asperitys mainly played cover songs by the, at that time, bigger punk bands such as the Exploited and U.K. Subs.
The Puke disbanded a short while later and the band members more or less dissapeared from the punk scene. The Asperitys started to write more and more song by themselves and were part of the first hardcore punk wave in the Netherlands. I think it is well known what happened with Total Chaoz.

I found these Music files on Soulseek a long time ago. There was no artwork included, so this time it is just the Music and I have no idea what the songtitles of the Puke are.

Enjoy the tape.
Van U Wil Ik Zingen

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